Book Mail Unboxing

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Book Mail Unboxing #BookBlogger #Booktuber

I got book mail! 

Today I'm sharing with you my unboxing of some book mail I received this week. 

One is a book, and the other is book related...

Watch the video for the unboxing


A huge thanks to Nikki at Saturday Nite Reader, and to Petrina Banfield and Harper Collins Publishers for these awesome bookish packages. 


  1. It's like a birthday present when I get a book! ;)

    1. Same. It's like birthday/Christmas come early 😊

  2. I have signed up for a couple of book crates so that I get surprise books in the post. Letters From Alice sounds like a book that I would read even though I don't generally read historical fiction. I love seeing how far Nikki's bookmarks are going around the world. SNR is a fabulous blog. Brilliant post, enjoy Letters From Alice. :)

  3. Book mail is the best mail!

  4. I feel so famous!! Plus, my bookmark has been to more cool places than me that I am slightly jealous πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for the shout-out! XO

  5. I love book mail. My kids say it's like I get presents every day and I'm on first name terms with the postman as he has to knock on so often with the parcels.

  6. Ohh yay book mail I absolutely love when I get book mail as well, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post Jo.


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