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Featured Friday: I Am Twee’ by Susie E. Caron

Title: I Am Twee’ (2nd book in the “Between You and Me” series.)
Author: Susie E. Caron
ISBN: 9780988911321
ASIN: 0988911329

Book 2 in the “Between You and Me” series 

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I Am Twee’    Paperback

I Am Twee’     Kindle edition

Twee'      Paperback

Twee'.      Kindle edition

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I Am Twee’.


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To Parents
Do your children complain about the things they don't have? Do they believe they are not as smart, athletic, talented, or 'cool' as other kids? Twee' does! Do you ever wish your children understood how being different makes them unique and special, with their own gifts to share? Twee' does! Read,  I Am Twee'  together and share the discovery!

Twee' is a bit older now, but is she wiser? In this second picture book-allegory from Susie's "Between You & Me" series, this young pine tree feels useless because she has nothing to share. Twee' notices the apple trees in the valley offer many gifts, which draw children and adults to visit them. However, the people don't even see Twee', and she begins to wish she were an apple tree. After many seasons, Twee' is ready to give up, when an unusual event changes her mind. Join Twee' as she journeys to discover that by being herself and different she has something special to contribute.

Susie Caron
Author bio:
Susie E. Caron is currently a private practice psychologist who works with children and families in northwestern Vermont. The “Between You and Me” series grew out of her years of experience as a teacher, wife, mother, psychologist and entrepreneur. In this allegorical series, Susie illustrates some of the ways children and adults develop awareness about themselves and others, and how that impacts relationships in their lives. Susie is married and lives in Vermont with her husband, two horses, and a bouncy Boxer.

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A few reviews: 

5.0 out of 5 stars Great lesson to learn and share with others!  September 28, 2013
This review is from: I Am Twee' (Paperback)
Another heartwarming children's book by Susie Caron.
This book is written beautifully. I confess that the Between You and Me books are some of the nicest children's books I have reviewed lately. Written in sweet language, this latest book in the series teaches children about self-worth and self-acceptance.
Twee is now a grown tree, but wants to be someone else. It would like to be an apple tree, so it can have beautiful flowers, much fruit, and happy visitors. Looking at its sticky sap, the pine tree is angry about its appearance. Twee has no visitors or friends, and no one climbs its trunk. The unhappy pine tree is taking out her anger on her only friend, the mountain rock. One day, when a little girl and her mother spot the pine tree between the rocks, everything changes ...
Following the main character, Twee, children will learn that each living thing, including human beings, has a purpose in life and has been placed on this planet for a reason. Without preaching, the author underlines a very important lesson: the best policy in life is to stay true to yourself and be your own person. Great lesson to learn and share with others!

Link to review on Amazon.
5.0 out of 5 stars I Am Twee - Beautiful Story that You'll Love to Share with Kids,October 9, 2013
This review is from: I am Twee' (Between You and Me) (Kindle Edition)
I had a big, fat smile by the time I finished reading this book. It's so clear to see that the author loves writing books that go way past the surface and actually impact a child's outlook on the world.

In this beautiful tale, you'll get to meet Twee who is a tree stranded on a cliff away from the apple trees. It seems the trees in the valley have all the attention.

Twee wishes she could be one of them until a young girl and her mother have a picnic under Twee's leaves and make her discover that she has something of value to offer. The illustations are beautifully done and complement the wonderful story.

This will make a wonderful addition to your child's library and I'd recommend you get a copy today.

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Mini Interview:

Why did you write this book?
 Over many years of experience as a teacher, psychologist, wife, mother and entrepreneur, I noticed that children experience feelings about many things, but they lack enough ‘world view’ to be able to express those feelings in ways that make sense to themselves and to their adults. I wanted to write stories that help illustrate some of the issues they encounter, and to give them a way to talk about their feelings with their caregivers, teachers and counselors. In the process of reading to children, my books also allow adults to get in touch with their thoughts and feelings. This helps them to better understand their children and to connect.

Anything in particular you’d like to share about this book or its creation?
I started several books, but didn’t complete them because none of them seemed to be the “right” book.  The ideas for the books in my “Between You and Me” series came after I quit struggling and prayed for some guidance. Afterwards, I asked myself, “What do I really want to say?” I finally realized I wanted to help kids talk with their adults about the feelings and the situations they experience. Because I believe relationships are key in everyone’s well-being, it made sense to call the series “Between You and Me.”  Twee’ appeared as an adorable character who could illustrate how we discover new things about ourselves, and how that impacts the way we relate to others.

Book 1 in the series
What can we expect to see from you in the future?
My third book in the “Between You and Me” series is underway and I hope to release it in the winter of 2014. I also promote and encourage adults to read aloud to children and talk about their experiences and feelings. But, I don’t want to forget the adults in kid’s lives Successful parenting is a big challenge. As a result I am working on a kindle book for parents. 

Where can people find out more about your tour?
Find me on Amazon:       www.SusieCaronOnAmazon.com.

Check out my web site: www.susiecaron.com.

Find me on Face Book: www.facebook.com/T.Twees.

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