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Featured Friday: My First Travel Book by Anna Othitis

Title: My First Travel Book
Author: Anna Othitis
ISBN: 13: 978-1625109453

Front cover
Book Blurb:

Are you ready to take to the skies? Then welcome to Angelic Airlines! Come join the adventures of Captain Frankie and the Angelic Airlines flying angel as they travel across the world to some of the most popular, entertaining, and educational places in the world. Captain Frankie is waiting for you to book your ticket, safely stow your bags, and open your eyes to the beautiful places created for all of us to visit in My First Travel Book.

Living most of my life in Zimbabwe, now settled in Wanaque New Jersey, we immigrated to the U.S. from Zimbabwe about 12 years ago. Born in Greece, we moved to Zimbabwe with my family as an infant,  where a few years ago left for the U.S.A. due to political turmoil, and fortunate to give out three sons more educational opportunities in lands of opportunities. I was inspired by my vast experiences in Africa and by the many beautiful places that I and my family have visited over our life time in Zimbabwe.

Back cover
I have authored our new children’s book recently launched, that "flies" children around the world and at the same time teaching them about some of its most famous destinations in the world.  My recent visit to Niagara Falls State Park in New York over the summer which is one of the  famous destinations featured in my educational, fun and inspiring book “My First Travel Book” for children between the ages of 3 and 10 also featuring my home country and land with Victoria Falls of my native Rhodesian/Zimbabwean heritage. Our book is written in a  fun rhyming format featuring beautiful and very real  illustrations of our destinations with educational experience for the young readers, with lessons in history and geography on these famous destinations.

Authored together with our son Frankie we wrote and edited the book released through Tate Publishing. The amazing creation, which stands in the Military Museum in Gweru, Zimbabwe, was one of my inspirations to write my cute children’s book this sculptured by a fellow rural man from sticks and small tree trunks, an image of a aero plane which he saw flying in the skies, not often seen in Zimbabwe’s remote areas, like a huge bird in the skies. I and my family have in the past great opportunities in visiting many destinations around our beautiful earth and world of such natural nature which we and our children have to preserve and appreciate, taking care of our environment is of the outmost importance. My book features “Captain Frankie”  himself, training to become a commercial pilot and flying his Angelic Airlines flying angel to such majestic destinations, all of these hold special significant memories to our family and with my book to pass on these experiences to our Our wonderful, lovely children of our beautiful world who can now travel and experience them through our beautiful well illustrated and informative book “My First ravel Book” with our friendly “Captain Frankie” to enjoy, reading and learning on their parents/grandparents laps.

At book signing
Follow up with our series is ready to be published soon on so many more beautiful land marks that we travel to.

Let us all take care of our amazing environment so that we do not spoil our beautiful miraculous earth and wonderful world with its beautiful living beings and animals that surround us every day.

“My First Travel Book” on Angelic Flights with your friendly “Captain Frankie” authored by Anna Othitis, co-authored by Frankie, is a worthwhile fun, educational, inspiring children’s book recommended to  all adults where they can learn along and enjoy flying the world with their young readers, be it from their classrooms, homes and more .

Our children have such amazing curious little observant little minds, always wanting to learn and question so much in their growing lives.

Video Book Trailer:

Some Customer Reviews:

This is a great book to introduce different parts of the world to young children. The illustrations are amazing too!!
Very informative and easy for kids to understand! Really works their imagination and would recommend this book to all parents for their kids. Very well written.
My grandson LOVED THIS BOOK, as did I. It explained to him about landmarks throughout the world that they don't cover in school anymore. Kudos to you for putting it into such a format that is fun and educational!

From the author:

My Poem below on why at that particular time I subconsciously chose these destinations:-

This very bright, crispy, morning while sitting on our back yard balcony in the warm lovely sun shining day drinking my Greek coffee, with the birds happily singing and chirping in the back round, my thoughts took me back to the time that I started writing our children's book " My First Travel Book " what was it in my heart at that particular moment to choose these lovely destinations that Captain Frankie flies to.

Our beautiful loved home we lived and grew up in, Zimbabwe with her mighty, thunderous water of wonder ' Victoria Falls'

Our land Africa where we grew up in with its wonderful wild animals and life, its stillness of natural beauty, its primitive people.

My country of birth and culture Greece with its ancient land mark of the ' Acropolis '

Our now country of residence USA, the country of freedom, where the opportunity for Captain Frankie was given to take up the love of his life and career, aeronautics/pilot with her amazingly huge land mark ' The Statue of Liberty '
The land of Canada where our two sons were given their opportunities to reside in with the mighty curtain of water so very powerful 'The Niagara Falls '.

The ' Eiffel Tower ' where the beginning of our two sons Canadian future paths began.
This is the "beautiful bright sun shining light" that suddenly shone in my heart on this wonderful morning that took me back to think of that particular moment of our angelic flights and choices of destinations in our children's book with Captain Frankie. 


Let us take a deep look into the bottom of our happy hearts our inner selves and know that we all have HAPPY, wonderful, thankful, mysterious, worthwhile stories to tell our family, friends, the world , to all of our children in our world, always with such happy endings, always seeking more and more happy, fun adventures to travel to in our beautiful world.