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My Challenges This Month

My Challenges This Month #NaNoWriMo #PiBoIdMo #WNFIN  #AmWriting

November is going to be a busy month. For the next 30 days I'll be taking part in 3 creative challenges. Yep 3! I know I probably seem completely crazy but I'm pretty sure that at the end of the month I'm going to feel awesome. Tired, but awesome! 

In just 30 days time I'll have the first draft of a 50K novel, the first draft of a non fiction book, and 30 ideas for children's picture books. Not bad for one months work.

I know I've raised the bar on myself and made this month super hard by doing all 3 challenges at the same time. That said, I did all 3 back in 2013 and collecting my winner certificate for both NaNoWriMo, and PiBoIdMo. I didn't quite finish my WNFIN project but I did get over half way with it. That's a lot closer than I was at the start of the month.

If you're taking part in any of these challenges this month please reach out so we can support each other as we go along. Post your profile links below or just comment with the challenges you're doing. 

I'll be doing word sprints over on Twitter throughout the month, so feel free to join me there too.

Let the writing frenzy begin!