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New Partnership With The Book Designer

I'm super excited to announce that I now have my own store front with The Book Designer. You can check it out here at: 

New Partnership With The Book Designer

Some of you may already be familiar with The Book Designer, but for those of you that aren't, it was founded in 2013 and now hosts one of the largest selections of quality, affordable pre-made book covers online. 

Another reason why I'm so excited about this new partnership is that the site was founded by a guy named Charlie from Guildford in the South East of England. Why does this add to the excitement level I hear you wonder? Well, because I know Guildford well. Back when I lived in the UK, my friends and I would sometimes hit Guildford for shopping and nights out. It's therefore nice to find out that such an awesome site was created by "one of my own" ;)

New Partnership With The Book Designer

I only have one design up on site there so far but will be adding more soon. I may also be adding print covers there too in the near future.

Don't forget, you can find my whole collection of pre-made ebook covers at