Today is #PromoDay2016! Come Join Me! | Jo Linsdell

Today is #PromoDay2016! Come Join Me!

The big day is finally here and I'm buzzing with excitement! I'll be at all day long (yes I am crazy enough to pull a 24 hour ;)). 

Things are already underway but registration will remain open all day so those of you that only just found out about the event can still join in the fun. Everyone is welcome! 

Once you've registered you'll have access to all the webinars, including my own "Blogging for Authors", and access to the pitch sessions with publishers, and much more...

Today is #PromoDay2016! Come Join Me! #Free Blogging for Authors #Webinar @PromoDayEvent

I'm really looking forward to the live panel discussions later on today too. So much happening!

Register now and come join in the fun!