2018 Challenges Update: Progress Report for This Week | Jo Linsdell

2018 Challenges Update: Progress Report for This Week

2018 Challenges Update: Progress Report for This Week

I set myself some goals at the start of this year (see http://www.jolinsdell.com/2018/01/2018-my-plans-for-year-ahead.html). Here's a summary of how I'm doing:


I've managed to read books for both the A to Z Reading Challenge (adult and kid lit versions) and Beat The List. Still a bit behind schedule but not doing too bad. Great seeing my Net Galley ratio improve.


Still failing at my goal to write everyday. Just too much going on at the moment. April will be my catch up month. I plan to dedicate the whole month just to my writing projects.

Book Cover Designs

I've been working on some new designs and will be adding them to the site soon.


365 Days of Quotes For Writers released on 17th January, which was a great start to the year, but I'm still working on getting Shadow (KOSMOS Episode 8) finished, and editing my YA thriller Do You LIKE Me? I still need to finish edits on my non fiction From Idea To Published Book too.

Freelance Writing

I haven't had enough time to dedicate to this yet. This year has been pretty hectic so far and I know I have a lot on my calendar for the next couple of months, so I'm not too optimistic about this goal at the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to find some time to dedicate to this soon.


I'm doing really well with my blogging goals at the moment. I've also been experimenting with new ways to drive more traffic and increase engagement.

Promo Day

Plans for this years event continue to come together. I've confirmed most presenters now and have most of the info regarding each webinar. I also have some donations for giveaways during the event and some special offers for all attendees. 

If you'd like to know more about sponsoring the event or promoting your books/services click here. Also get in touch if you'd like to donate a prize for the giveaways and/or offer a discount or special offer for attendees. Visit http://www.promoday.net/ and register. It's free!

A Healthier Me

The struggle is real. My kids have brought home every virus doing the rounds over the past few weeks. I'm holding up surprisingly well though. I also now have dates for my hospital visits regarding my cyst, so not doing too badly.