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A Book You Won In A Giveaway

A Book You Won In A Giveaway #BookishBlogHops #Books

Bookish Blog Hops: Winter Hop

The Bookish Blog Hops gang continue to tour the web this month with our Winter 2019 hop. Yesterday we were at https://catsluvcoffeez.blogspot.com/2019/12/bookish-blog-hop-winter-hop.html
talking about reading challenges. Today we're discussing books we won in giveaways.

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A Book You Won In A Giveaway

I’ve been lucky enough to win several giveaways this year. All of which were via Twitter. Most recently; Stone Cold Heart by Caz Fear, Time of Prophecy by T.N. Timofeev, and A Different Time by Micheal K. Hill. A Different Time was a great read. I’ve not read the other two yet. 

Here's what the rest of the group had to say:

A Book You Won In A Giveaway #BookishBlogHops #Books

I LOVE book giveaways. Everytime I see one of my blogging friends host one, I click to check it out immediately. Not just to enter, but to help them spread the word to get them some more eyes on their blog. The last book I won in a giveaway was Dinosaur Lake by Kathryn Meyer Griffith, but I haven’t had the chance to read it yet! I’m hoping to get to it soon!

A Book You Won In A Giveaway #BookishBlogHops #Books
Valerie, Cats Luv Coffee Book Reviews - https://catsluvcoffeez.blogspot.com

I don’t enter giveaways that often, which is silly of me! Before I became a book blogger, I’d enter all the Goodreads giveaways on books that sounded interesting. To my surprise, one day I won! The book was Gary Whitta’s Abomination. It wasn’t one that really hit my radar but it was sooo good! It’s a perfect match up of fantasy and horror. I’m so glad that I won it

I always make a point to enter the in-event giveaways if at all possible--and it pays off pretty well! All the books in this picture are books (I think only a few of them are unsigned) that I’ve won in “door prizes”, giveaways, or mini “contests” that I entered! That’s about HALF my indie library! And that’s not even counting all the ebooks I’ve been sent.
We’ve got: (Top Row) Purple Door District by Erin Casey, Devotion and Deception by Katika Schneider, Skeins Unfurled (since unpublished, but I am eagerly awaiting the day she can re-publish them!) by K. M Vanderbilt, Stories We Tell After Midnight Edited by Rachael A. Brune, and the first 3 books in The Portal Prophecies Series by C.A. King;
(Bottom Row) Firebird and Fireweed by MJ Vieira, Unforgivables by Tabi Slick, The Things We’ve Said and The Secrets We’ve Kept (Just a one-time release as novellas, published as a single anthology with four volumes under the title The Truth Behind) by Kelly Blanchard, Tomoiya’s Escape by C. A. King, and Last Stop and Morning Mist by Christy Mann.
The thing about these giveaways is that most of the time, I “won” it because I was the only person to respond to whatever question or prompt the author had! Literally, that’s all I had to do, just be there and interact and respond. It’s so much more personable than a Goodreads or Amazon giveaway, where you’re one in thousands… Online/Facebook cover reveal or book release parties (or just “giveaway bonanzas”) are a great source of books that you would most likely already want to read, anyway! 

A Book You Won In A Giveaway #BookishBlogHops #Books

My one giveaway win was through Twitter as well - Rain Coast Books sent me a copy of Chase Darkness with me. Its a hard copy and I have not gotten to read it yet.

A Book You Won In A Giveaway #BookishBlogHops #Books

Have you won any books in giveaways recently?

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    1. Me too :) I really should try to enter more giveaways. This post just goes to show that we really can win sometimes. I think a lot of people don't bother entering because they think they'll never win. They kill their chances by not trying.

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