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Book Review: Between Two Thieves by Solomon Carter


Book Review: Between Two Thieves by Solomon Carter

My thoughts about Between Two Thieves by Solomon Carter

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Book Cover Between Two Thieves by Solomon Carter

The book synopsis:

The thrilling new page-turning mystery from Solomon Carter.


PI Eva Roberts is hired by former school friend Lauren Jaeger. Lauren’s cruel partner refuses to let her leave him but he will certainly kill her if she stays.

When a second body is found on the beach Lauren’s domestic case soon feels like a distraction... And what starts as a day of rest turns into nothing less than the beginning of a nightmare.

Carl Renton was a good man, and a true hero.

Norman Peters was a market trader and a colourful rogue.

Their murders appear to have nothing in common. But the truth goes deep into the heart of a crimewave which is tearing the town apart.

The private detectives must track down a killer… but Eva’s case takes a dark twist at the worst possible time.

Eva must forgive - even if she can never forget.

And the detectives must find the seaside killer before more blood is spilled on the beach.

Perfect for fans of Ian Rankin, Helen Durrant, Janice Frost, Joy Ellis and LJ Ross. If you love to read gripping thrillers with flawed characters, a touch of humour and a hint of romance, you’ll love Between Two Thieves.

If you enjoy page-turning crime mystery novels, noir crime thrillers, heist crime thrillers, British crime thrillers and detective series with strong female characters - then Between Two Thieves is for you.

Between Two Thieves is the first book in Between Two Thieves Private Investigator Crime Thriller series 





Between Two Thieves series by Solomon Carter

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Discussing Between Two Thieves by Solomon Carter

Quotes from the book:

He had never been considered cool, nor did he desire to be. He knew people thought he was strange, but then being strange was his calling and he knew it. Being different was what made him do what he did

Those who knew Eva only by her work often thought she was a little too serious for someone of her beauty and intelligence.

“Well, at least some people still believe in returning other people’s belongings. For a moment I thought you’d managed to find yourself a new set of strange friends. My son is a collector much like I am,” said the man with a smile. “Except where I tend to collect precious items, my son tends to collect people.”

“He’s a young man and I don’t think Georgie’s influence on my son is altogether negative. I even hope she might even motivate him towards aiming for something, or at least pulling himself out of his doldrums. Love can do that for a man, don’t you know. In the beginning at least.”

Someone else’s misfortune meant their happiness. But it was the way of the world. One man’s manure fertilised another one’s roses.

Joanne acted like she didn’t notice. Either that or she was playing dumb. Mark guessed all women had to do that to some degree. Like every man was a potential sex pest in waiting.

“He said it at every interview. He meant it too, like. It’s like he had a death wish.” “A life wish,” corrected Colin. “Carl wants to save lives.” “By risking his own? Now that is the dumbest thing I ever heard,” said Eddie.

Book Review Between Two Thieves by Solomon Carter

The policeman didn’t have much in the way of charm, but he made up for it in decibels. The crowd started to shrink as he waved his hands at them like a farmhand with a flock of sheep.

“What?” said Dan. “You think I have no tact or diplomacy?” “I’m saying they’re not your best skills.”

He used to keep these little tiny scraps of paper in that tin. He’d written Bible passages on each one. He told me that he used to give them out to people in the street. People who looked like they were having a bad day. They were all handwritten things. Just a couple of lines a piece, all folded in half. I thought that was sweet of him. Like he had a little box full of good wishes for people in need.

“And we didn’t hear it? The earth really must have been moving.” “Don’t flatter yourself,” said Eva. “My phone is on silent.” Eva turned away for the door.

“Never look at a mirror too long, Lauren. That’s my tip for success and happiness.”

“He didn’t just say the words, Eva. He meant it. Every single word. After two years in paradise I ended up living with the man from hell, and how I endured it, I just don’t know. But seriously, I can’t take it anymore. I want out, but Jamie’s smart and he’s dangerous. I’m frightened of what he might do if I went to the police or the women’s refuge. Eva… I’ve thought about this for so long, but I just can’t see a way out. I even thought about killing myself – that’s how bad it got.

“This conversation is over,” said the man. Hot, rancid, smoker’s breath poured over Dan’s face and made him blink in disgust. He screwed up his nose and shoved the guy stumbling back onto the steps.

“Inspector Hogarth? This is Eva Roberts. Brace yourself, Inspector. I think we’ve found another one for your to-do list…”

Eva looked at Dan. “Since when does risk put villains off from making their money.”

As soon as they made a move they would be exposed on all sides. But there was no decision to be made. It was happening. Dan broke into a gentle run, keeping his pace fast and his footsteps soft, opting to land in the clumps of grass wherever he could. Eva followed close behind. Dan paused for a moment and looked at the sky. He listened.

“Do you think that was wise?” “Times like these I don’t always feel like being wise,” said Eva.

“I’m getting it wrong, eh? So how’s your case with Aaron Clancy going? Because the way I hear it, you haven’t found any of his missing loot, either. The thing is, Miss Roberts, we all get it wrong – until the moment we get it right.”

“I told you,” said Eva, calmly. “We never give up. That’s how we earned that solid reputation you mentioned.”

“Then we’d better stay unseen until we start. They won’t forget your face too easy,” said Dan. “I’ll take that as a compliment,” said Eva.

“I see you’ve been looking after them for me,” he said. “I’m sure all injuries there were only caused in self-defence.” “They beat each other senseless,” said Dan. “I’m not a thug, Inspector,” “I’ll take your word for it,” said Hogarth.

The hard facts of life and routine eventually stripped all illusions away until a lover saw the other person as they really were. Sometimes a man would still love that person all the more. And sometimes, he would only see the absence of what he had thought they were, left with something else in its place.

“Consequences,” he said. Blane pushed her back and shut the door behind him. The steam from the shower had filled the room like a cloud trying to blot out what was to about to take place.

“Rules are to be followed if they are helpful. But right now we need to take a more flexible approach. Come on. Let’s get this over with before I change my mind.” 


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Book Review: Between Two Thieves by Solomon Carter

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