Book Review: Home Office Solutions by Chris Peterson


Book Review Home Office Solutions by Chris Peterson

My thoughts about Home Office Solutions by Chris Peterson

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The book synopsis for Home Office Solutions by Chris Peterson

Book Review Home Office Solutions by Chris Peterson

Create an efficient and attractive workspace where you can earn your living comfortably!

  • A workspace you'll love: How to make your home office comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable to maximize the benefits
  • Answers to all your questions: The pros and cons of spare rooms, basements, kitchens, and other spaces, design tips, helpful advice, inspirational photos, and more
  • Space-efficient ideas: Furniture, lighting, organization, reducing clutter, and other ideas to make the most of the space you have
  • Expert insight on home office design, working from home successfully, staying productive with kids and pets in the house, and more
  • Embrace the future of work: According to Forbes, "Work is forever changed." Join the work-from-home shift with an efficient, comfortable home workspace

Whether you've been working from home for years and want to refresh your office space, or you're brand new to telecommuting and have lots of questions, Home Office Solutions holds all the answers and inspiration you need to create a workspace you'll love!

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in remote work with more companies allowing employees to work from home. According to an April 2020 Forbes article, "Work is forever changed..." Nearly half of the U.S. workforce worked from home during quarantine, proving it "a viable strategy for many businesses that is likely to be true even after the crisis is over." The work-from-home shift is occurring in businesses of all sizes, with a long list of companies having already implemented permanent remote work options, and many more to follow suit.

Inside this book, you'll find expert tips on home office ideas, space-efficient furniture, lighting, soundproofing, WIFI, organization, special considerations, technology, and so much more. You'll also find helpful, detailed advice on how to successfully work from home, a wide range of design tips, and gorgeous inspirational photos of desks, file cabinets, and other space-efficient furnishings that are well-suited for home use. Understand both the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a home office in different areas of your house, including the kitchen, spare room, basement, and other creative spaces. Over 150 high-quality photographs and illustrations help you visualize each possibility.

Also included are strategies for great videoconference meetings, essentials on the tax implications of working from a home office, and suggestions for staying productive while at home with your family—including how to work from home when you have kids in the house.

Your home office is where you earn your living. It's important to invest time in making your working space comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable to maximize the benefits of remote work. With this timely and relevant resource, you'll be inspired to set up an efficient and attractive workspace so you can earn your living from home comfortably and affordably.

Learn how to create a home office you'll love, with Home Office Solutions!

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Book Review: Home Office Solutions by Chris Peterson

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