Book Review: The Love Note by Kate G. Smith


Book Review The Love Note by Kate G. Smith

My thoughts about The Love Note by Kate G. Smith

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The book synopsis for The Love Note by Kate G. Smith 

A wedding dress. A love letter. A secret that will change everything...
The Love Note by Kate G. Smith

When Maggie Burnett discovers her mother's beautiful wedding dress just days after she passes away, she wonders why she'd been told it was missing...

Pinned to the waistband is a note that reads: 'E, je t'aime. LS x' . 'E' must be Elizabeth, her mother, but who is 'LS'? Could he be the father she's never known? As Maggie's seemingly happy life in London unravels, she decides it's time to go home to Norfolk and figure out the truth once and for all. Even if it means running into Nick Forster, her secret childhood crush. What if this journey to the past is the key to a new beginning?
Warm and uplifting, The Love Note is perfect for fans of Lia Louis and Olivia Beirne.

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Book Review The Love Note by Kate G. Smith

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