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Where People Discover and Get Their Books

Questions for Book Bloggers: Where people discover and get their books

Questions for Book Bloggers

Where people discover and get their books

I decided to start a new series of posts to delve a bit more into the world of book bloggers and discuss topics related to book blogging.

Via my Twitter profile I'm asking daily questions to open the discussion about various topics related to book blogging and give members of the book blogging community an opportunity to connect and network more.

Where do people get books?

We all get copies of books from different places and for different reasons. Some people like to buy physical books to add to their home library. Others prefer to read ebooks on a kindle or tablet. Some get copies sent to them for review whilst others only review books they've bought. Others borrow books from their library.

Where I get most of my books from

I personally get most of the books I read from Net Galley. Seriously this site is a blessing to international book bloggers like me that don't have a lot of choice in our bookstores and/or struggle with getting sent copies in the post.

I also get a lot of ebooks from Amazon. As a book blogger on a limited budget, I often scroll the Amazon free section looking for books that catch my eye. I sometimes also purchase kindle copies of titles I particularly want to read from the site so I have them on my kindle app.

Recently I discovered a great book exchange not too far from where I live that often has titles in English language. You have no idea how happy this discovery made me πŸ˜€ I've already found some great additions for my book shelves.

Most of my other physical copies are second hand books. I love browsing the second hand stores for English language books. There's not usually much choice but I have found a few good titles this way. 

I don't tend to buy many books in bookstores because the selection of English language books is usually very limited and often too expensive. If there is a book I really want a physical copy of I'll usually get it from Book Depository as they have good pricing and free delivery.

Where do other book bloggers get most of their books from?

Mostly arcs now which I mostly get from tours, authors or publishers.
I do buy from Amazon for my Kindle and I get my middlegrade book club from there as I order last minute usually. 

I also have a subscription from Berts @cats_herding


Review copies sent personally by authors, or by a publisher/or company mostly. @Rebbie_Reviews

Waterstones, though with stock issues that is not true right now (it's currently e/ARCs)

Arcs from Netgalley or publishers, then Library, then Amazon

The library πŸ˜€ 

All over the place - copies sent by author, promotions, just buying them, library, Netgalley, giveaways, newsletters

NetGalley for me too 😊 

NetGalley, library, amazon or kobo. The last two a bit less than the first two.

All of mine are purchased copies so Waterstones or my local bookshop.

Bookcrossing; a box of stories; Publishers/Netgalley; Ebay job lots; Amazon Freebies

probably Netgalley or Amazon.

I buy all my books from Amazon and The Works @sambooka23


Net Galley is the clear winner when it comes to getting review copies. Amazon is also a popular choice especially the free downloads, and Waterstones also got several mentions.

I'm happy to see that libraries and an indie bookshop also got mentioned. 

Where do you get most of your books from? Do you use Net Galley to get review copies? Do you prefer to buy your own physical copies to add to your bookshelves? Do you prefer to borrow copies from the library or a book exchange to avoid cluttering your home? Join in the conversation in the comments section. 

Questions for book bloggers: Where do you get most of your books from?

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  1. Mine come from a mix of places - library, second hand bookshops, an indie bookshop in a local town. I try to limit my time on NetGalley because I can easily get carried away and then struggle to actually read the books!

    1. I agree, Net Galley can get out of control so easily.

  2. I get my books from the library and used book sales. Rarely do I buy books new and I don't request ARCs. There just too much to keep up with.

    1. I love hearing about people using the library and I'm a big fan of getting used books too. It's not necessary to always be buying new books... although it is nice to treat one's self once in a while πŸ˜‰