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Non-Fiction Reads for Non-Fiction November


Non-Fiction Reads for Non-Fiction November


Non-Fiction Reads for Non-Fiction November

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During the month of November there are several book related challenges you can take part in, whether you want to write a book (NaNoWriMo) or celebrate picture books (National Picture Book Month)... or read more Non-Fiction (Non-Fiction November).

What is National Non-Fiction November?

National Non-Fiction November was set up by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups as a way to highlight the importance of information books and to promote reading non-fiction for pleasure. Each year, National Non-Fiction November has a different theme. - Literacy Hive

What is the goal of Non-Fiction November?

The month is used by Federation Book Groups, libraries, schools, literacy organisations, book reviewers and parents to highlight the best information and narrative non-fiction books for children, and to show how it’s not just fiction that can be read and enjoyed for pleasure. - Wikipedia

Books To Read For Non-Fiction November

Looking for non-fiction books to read this month? These are a few of the books I picked up to read this month:

How To Become Your Best Self: Master the Dimensions of Life to Unleash Your True Potential for Lasting Change by Ashry Publications

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How To Become Your Best Self

About the book:

Discover how to become your best self with this powerful guide + The Complimentary Workbook!

Personal growth can sometimes sound a little overwhelming, making it difficult to understand where to start and how to make this journey sustainable.
Unlike typical self-help books, this compact guide focuses on 10 KEY AREAS for meaningful improvement. It's not about vague advice – it's about realistic strategies to reshape your mindset and behaviour and inject your life with a sense of purpose!

But the journey doesn’t stop here…

The purpose of this guide is to lead you on a path of long-term personal fulfilment, which is explained over a three-part
Part 1: This introductory guide.
Part 2: A 12-month workbook journal titled, How to Become Your Best The Workbook, helping you rate and reflect on the 10 areas of your life on your very own “Wellness Wheel.”
Part 3: A full-length comprehensive book titled, Turning the Caterpillar Into the Empowering Your Best Self Toward True Potential—A Simple 52-Step Guidebook to Unleashing Your Inner Greatness , which captures the essence of becoming your best self and removes a lot of guesswork about how to structure your life. This one is very powerful!!

If you are looking for a valuable resource that gets down to the basics of how you can start improving your health, career, finances, spirituality, and relationships, look no further than this three-part book series!
Don't miss out on this transformative journey. Learn how to nurture relationships, unlock creativity, redefine your career, and more. Your brighter future awaits – dive in now and shape the best version of yourself!

Or better yet, start shaping the life of your dreams by adding The Workbook Journal and the full-length book to your shopping cart, right away!

The 20-Minute Blogger by Kathy Widenhouse

The 20-Minute Blogger by Kathy Widenhouse

About the book:

Do you have 20 minutes? Then you can build your blog.

The 20-Minute Blogger is for time-starved writers. This book gives you practical steps to follow so you can add posts consistently to your blog and build your site content in just 20 minutes a day.

Each chapter contains short “Take 20” exercises that take twenty minutes or less to complete. Use this book, complete the exercises, and you will …

By the end of the book, you’ll have the draft for a new blog post that you can complete and publish on your blog.

And you will do it just 20 minutes at a time.

Throw It Off!!: How I Cured My Eyesight Naturally In Just 6 Months by Rohit Sahu

Throw It Off!! How I Cured My Eyesight Naturally In Just 6 Months by Rohit Sahu

About the book:

"They say, we can't correct our vision without professional help, and there's no quick-and-easy fix for eyesight loss. But with tools such as effective eye exercises, calming practices, active focus, close-ups, and good nutrition and diet—you can still heal your eyesight naturally and attain optimal eyesight on your own." Can we really get rid of spectacles? Well, to get an answer I examined various texts and had conversations with some of the most experienced opticians in my locality so that I can grasp the complete knowledge on the topic. While opticians and doctors offer no solution other than surgery; I've found some simple sets of practices doing which thousands of people had already recovered their eyesight. To this day modern doctors won't be able to digest these facts, but I can boldly claim that irrespective of your age all you need are a few simple lifestyle habits, a conviction in mind, some beneficial exercises, and a strong determination to get rid of spectacles. And that's what this book is all about... 

My Story Hi there, my name is Rohit Sahu. I'm not an optician or optometrist, but yes, I cured my severe myopia of -4 in both eyes within 6 months to -2.5 in right and -2 in the left, which I'll soon be able to get rid of and throw my glasses off forever. No matter how severe or what your eyesight problem, maybe, with lots of research and practice I had figured out some really beneficial ways to cure it. Most people in this society, when their eyesight becomes blurred, get glasses or contact lenses. The question is, do we really need them? Are they a solution or an addiction? Do they heal your eyesight or damage it further? There is no need for these crutches or 'Seeing Machines.' They're not natural either. The real problem is not corrected by 'corrective' lenses; a person wearing glasses or lenses still has blurred vision. I faced a lot of hardship during the time I had severe myopia because all the eyesight aid I found to treat it was medical treatments and surgeries. I don't want to go for any surgery at such a young age. I was so frightened by the weak eyesight that I literally gained every single piece of knowledge that can help cure my eyesight! Also, I decided that if I find something good that will help improve my eyesight, I'll share it with the world so that others who are facing the same bad time as me can help themselves. This eyesight improvement book contains every single piece of information you need to know about your eyes, the problem, causes, mistakes, beneficial practices, and the right lifestyle changes to regain your eyesight back to normal... 

Reading This Book, You'll ✔️ Causes of Weak Eyesight ✔️ Mistakes We All Make ✔️ The Beneficial Techniques to Gain Your Eyesight Back to Normal ✔️ My Experience and Some Tips from Experience ✔️ How to Restore and Retain a Good Eyesight? ✔️ How Long Will It Take to Get Your Eyesight Normal? 

Bringing blurry vision back to normal is no joke, but if you really want it, you must seriously follow this book for the next few months. If you do so, I can guarantee that you'll see visible results. Over time, you'll be able to get rid of your glasses all naturally. Plus, there's a surprise takeaway at the end. 

Wall pilates workout for Waist and lower back: The Ultimate 28 Day workout plan for Women, beginners and seniors by Maria Walton

Wall pilates workout for Waist and lower back The Ultimate 28 Day workout plan for Women, beginners and seniors by Maria Walton

About the book:

Are you prepared to tap into your body's potential, attain complete well-being, and embark on a transformative healing experience through Wall Pilates?

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner of wall pilates, this comprehensive guide has been meticulously crafted to cater to women of all ages, from young enthusiasts to those with a wealth of life experience. Dive into a transformative journey that resonates with the essence of every woman, amplifying inner strength and grace.

Why Opt for This Guide?

1. Suitable for All Skill Levels: Whether you're a novice or have prior experience, this book accommodates individuals at every stage of their journey, ensuring inclusivity and preventing overwhelm.

2. Bonus Mindfulness and Breathing Techniques: Immerse yourself in the world of wall pilates by incorporating mindfulness practices. Elevate not only your physical well-being but also nurture your mental clarity.

3. Nutritional Guidance for Wall Pilates Enthusiasts: While this isn't a diet manual, we recognize the significance of proper nutrition. Gain valuable insights into foods that complement your Pilates routine.

It's not just a book; it represents a journey of transformation. Alongside insights into the origins of wall pilates, effective exercise techniques, and supplementary chapters on mindfulness and nutrition, this guide offers a holistic approach to achieving your fitness objectives.

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Non-Fiction Reads for Non-Fiction November

What non-fiction books are you reading this month? Let me know in the comments below.