My Year in Review: A Recap of 2023 | Jo Linsdell

My Year in Review: A Recap of 2023


My Year in Review: A Recap of 2023


My Year in Review: A Recap of 2023

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2023 was full of highs and lows. 

I struggled with my health yet again (unfortunately I've been fighting health issues for years) which meant I didn't manage to do a lot of the things I'd wanted to do. I am closer to finding solutions to keeping my health issues under control though so hopefully 2024 will be the year that finally happens and I won't end up being so ill all the time. Fingers crossed. Needless to say, I didn't manage to hit any of my fitness goals for 2023. 

It was a great year for my blog. I did a rebranding of my site, set new personal bests continuously throughout the year for traffic to my site, and worked with some awesome sponsors.

I visited some amazing places during 2023 and added lots more to my bucket list for this year. 

I'm sharing the following statistics with you to offer transparency. I've always been interested to see how others are doing. It's one of the reasons I do my annual book bloggers survey. 

Please keep in mind I've been blogging for a long time. My stats are higher than some and lower than others. I'm only in competition with myself and I hope you are too. 

I should also mention that this year I expanded the categories of my blog to cover a wider variety of topics. Until 2023 this site was mainly a book blog (which continues to be the key focus of the site) with the additional category of blogging (the main focus of which was on book blogging). 

I've since added additional categories; Blogging (a wider range), Travel, Hair & Beauty, Fashion & Style, Lifestyle, and Health & Fitness (this last topic still needs to be developed as my health wasn't really good enough to expand on it during 2023). 

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Best of 2023

My Blog in 2023

Personal best for traffic in one month: 61,763 views in September 2023

Post published in 2023 with the most views: Product Review: L’Oréal Elvive Bond Repair Leave-In Serum 3271 views

Post with most views in 2023: Things That Should Be In Every Blog Post with 31K views in 2023 (overall views since publication in August 2021 - 132K )

Most viewed posts by category:




Hair and Beauty:


Fashion and Style:

Current DA score: 32

Best Books of 2023

I read some great books in 2023. You can check out all my 5 star reads from 2023 here. 

But what was my favourite book read in 2023? 

Here's a recap of which books I enjoyed most for each month of the year and the overall winner:

Best Books of 2023

You can find my reviews for each of these books here:

Nine Lives

Dr Who - The Stone Rose

Best read of 2023 - The Family at No. 12 by Anita Walker

Best Hair Product of 2023

Definitely L'Orèal Elvive Dream Long Rapid Reviver Hair Cream. You can find my review here.

Best Hair Product of 2023 Definitely LOreal Elvive Dream Long Rapid Reviver Hair Cream

Best Place Visited in 2023

I visited lots of great places during 2023. Picking just one is hard. I think my favourite was probably the Trajan Markets and Imperial Forum Museum. A real gem! I can't believe it took me this long to go there. You can find my Guide to the Trajan Markets and Imperial Forum Museum here.

My Year in Review A Recap of 2023

Thank you to all of you that have visited my little corner of the internet, left comments on my posts, and shared my content with others. If there's anything in particular you'd like me to post about in 2024 please let me know. 

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