Review Showcase: Italian for Tourists | Jo Linsdell

Review Showcase: Italian for Tourists

This week's review showcase is for Italian for Tourists. Here's a few of the comments it's received: 

"I am an Italian Instructor for the Palm Beach County School Board, Florida. I teach Italian (for Travelers, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced) adult education classes in Palm Beach Gardens Community High School and privately. In addition, I am the organizer of two Italian social, language travel and cultural clubs LEONARDO's ITALIAN LINK, LEONARDO'S ITALIAN CLUB, in addition to LEONARDO'S ITALIAN BOOK CLUB, in South Florida; I faithfully dedicate this time to the community that shares my passion for Italy and all things Italian. As an entrepreneur,I represent an Italian multinational company. After reviewing many language and travel books, I have chosen Jo Linsdell's "Italian for Travelers" paperback as the official Italian language book that will be used by all students that will attend Palm Beach Gardens Community High School adult classes " Italian for Travelers". As per my recommendation, aforementioned, is now the official book for said classes, which will be purchased by my private students, my Italian book club social/travel/club members, and the PBGCHS. Congratulations to Jo Linsdell for a fine job!"By lori.samarin

"This is the best introductory travel book to start with for your trip to Italy. It is bare bones. I am so glad I ordered this. Simplistic is the best description for this book. It is for those, like me, who are traveling to Italy for the first time and know no Italian." By "CandiJ"

"I don’t speak Italian. I have enough trouble with English (or is it American). Jo Linsdell has written the definitive guidebook. I know if I ever make it to Italy, this is the book I want. Why? Because it’s layout is simple, easy to use and covers everything. Ms Linsdell has put in a guide to how to pronounce the letters and put in the most common of phrases. There is not a lot of excess wording so finding what phrase or word you need in a hurry is very simple. This book is a must for anyone traveling to Italy. The only negative is that it doesn’t go into all the bad language that Italian drivers throw at each other. Wait, that’s a good thing. The first thing you notice is how the book is divided. Then you get the guide to how to pronounce each letter and in Italian, you do just that. After that, all you have to do is look for the section you need, airport, train station, hotel, etc, and all the common phrases are there. Anyone who travels can use this book. There are many Italian to English books or other combinations, but none are as easy to use as Italian for Tourists. I highly recommend this to anyone traveling to Italy" -By Ron Berry

"If you are travelling to Italy, this is a must have book".- By Karen Cioffi

"I never knew that learning another language could be so simple, so helpful and so much fun. If ever you are going to visit Italy, this is the only book you will need!"- By Jamieson Wolf

"Ms. Linsdell divides the book in easy-to- navigate sections to make finding what you need quick.  I believe this will be a highly recommended source by many travel agencies in the near future"- By Joyce Anthony

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N.B. I'm currently in the process of reformatting the kindle version. If you've already got a copy, you will be able to update it free of charge via your e-library on Amazon once the new version has been uploaded. 

The new, updated, version is scheduled for release this month.