#WIP Slow progress is still progress. | Jo Linsdell

#WIP Slow progress is still progress.

It's time for another Wednesday update on my works in progress. This past week has been a bit slow but I've been making progress none the less. Small steps are still steps in the right direction after all.

Jasmine's Got Talent! is now in the final stages. All the illustrations are now done (except for one dog that I'm waiting on photo's of). 

Over the past week I've been working on tidying up the illustrations and tweaking them here and there. I've also now started to embed the text. So close to being finished now. Getting excited! 

As for my WNFIN writing challenge, I'm making progress... slowly but making progress. As you may recall, I'm working on writing How to be Pinterest Perfect this month (with the hopes of getting it ready in time for release either before Christmas, or in January 2015. Technically I should be about 1/3 of the way done by now. I'm not. Not even close. Still, the month isn't over yet so there's still a chance I'll meet my goal and get it finished.

PiBoIdMo ideas have slowed down over this past week but I'm still ahead of myself with a total of 22 ideas listed so far. 

I already have a couple of them that I've marked for my 2015 publication list. There's also a few non fiction picture books ideas for some series that have a lot of potential.

So, over all much slower paced than last week, but still making progress.

How's your week been? Are you making progress on your WIP?