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Video Content Challenge Week 1

Video Content Challenge Week 1

During this year's Promo Day event on Saturday 5th May I'm doing a webinar about video strategies for authors and thought I'd take it one step further. Starting today, I'll be posting a weekly video creation challenge over the following months. Check back every Tuesday for the latest challenge.

Reasons for doing the video content challenge:

1) I thought it would make a nice extra to my webinar, and help create a group project for those who take part.
2) I thought it would be a fun way to encourage more people to experiment with video.
3) I want to be more consistent in my own video content and this challenge will make me more accountable.

How to take part:

Just check back at every Tuesday for the latest video challenge. I'll be sharing my own video for each challenge to give an example of how you could do it (this is, of course, only an example. I hope people will get creative with their own videos). Once you've uploaded your challenge video for the week to YouTube, share the direct url for it in the comments section of the post so we can all give feedback.

Video Content Challenge Week 1

This week's challenge is to upload a video where you introduce yourself and your books. 

Video Content Challenge Week 1

Here's my video for this week

P.S. You can find all my books at ;) 

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