Booktastic Thursday (27th December 2018) | Jo Linsdell

Booktastic Thursday (27th December 2018)

Booktastic Thursday (27th December 2018). A link up for book bloggers.

Welcome back for the last Booktastic Thursday Link Up of 2018!

I'm looking forward to seeing what bookish posts you have to share this week. 

I hope you've all had a good time over the holidays. I know I have. I love being able to spend some quality time with family and friends.

I'm now into the last stretch for BlogMas. This challenge has been great. It's allowed me to prove to myself that I can do 31 posts in 31 days if I'm organised about it. I hope to continue with the discipline I've learnt this month into the new year. 

Jo Linsdell

And now for Booktastic Thursday Link Up!

For those of you that don't already know, on Thursday's I host this meme to give my fellow book bloggers the chance to share some of their bookish posts and connect with other book bloggers.

How to take part:

Post your book related blog post links directly into the comments section of this post.

I just ask you to link back to the weekly blog post here on my blog some where in the post you're linking up. You can see an example of how a past participant, 
Veronica from The Burgeoning Bookshelf, included it in her post at

I ask that you link up blog posts ONLY please. Other types of links will be deleted.

I'd also appreciate it if you follow me on any social media of your choice (I'm JoLinsdell everywhere). Of course, I would love it if you subscribed to my newest posts ;)

Please grab the Booktastic Link It Up Thursday button and share it somewhere on your blog (sidebar, post, bottom, etc.) and please share about this party with any book-lovers you know.

Booktastic Thursday: A Link Up For Book Bloggers

Let's grow this party!

Click to tweet:

Everyone works hard on their posts and loves visits/comments/pins from others. Please visit AND comment on at least one other linked post if not more.

Now on to the party!

I'm looking forward to seeing all your book related posts.

Booktastic Thursday: A Link Up For Book Bloggers

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  1. I am going to start a fun weekly post series on food mentioned in books. This weekend it is on Chimichangas in Deadpool.

  2. Thank you for a great year of fun posts Jo.

    1. My pleasure. I'm glad you've enjoyed my posts 😊 Will try to give you even better content in 2019.

  3. *sighs* I'm clueless, I got your link on my bloggerlinks page, but some reason I can't get the picture to show. I can't get it on my blog page. I tried the html gadget and the link gadget? I'm sorry...*sighs*

    1. Just a link back to this post in the post you linked up is fine.

  4. Soon after Christmas, Japanese people start preparing for the year-end and New Year’s events.
    Compared to Christmas, many of these events are based on Japanese tradition and are deeply related to religion.
    The end-of-year party is called “bonenkai” in Japanese. “Bonen” means to forget (the worries of) the past year.
    People are busy with events on New Year’s Eve.

    1. You forgot to include a link back to your book post. I did find your comment interesting though.

  5. I had a lovely Christmas thanks. You? Those recipes sound yummy.

    You just need to add a link back to this post in your blog post somewhere.