Book Blogger Interview: Kira from Thebookbella | Jo Linsdell

Book Blogger Interview: Kira from Thebookbella

Book Blogger Interview: Kira from Thebookbella

Book Blogger Interview Series

Getting To Know The Book Blogging Community One Guest At A Time

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Are you ready to get to know another member of the book blogging community?

Today the focus is on booktube. 

I've been on booktube for over 8 years now and love this medium for sharing about books (and blogging). 

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I'm looking forward to chatting with other booktubers during this series to get some behind the scenes insight into how they are approaching the book blogging community and what they've learnt so far.

I hope you're enjoying this series of book blogger interview posts and getting to know some great members of the book blogging community along the way.

Today's guest is Booktuber Kira from Thebookbella

Getting to Know Booktuber Kira from Thebookbella

The Interview

1. What made you want to join Booktube?

I wanted to meet people that enjoyed reading as much as I did. Also, I wanted to be apart of a community that I could feel at home in.

2. How long have you been a booktuber?

I joined booktube August of 2018.

3. How often do you upload new video content to your channel?

I took a few month break due to my personal medical issues and my sick bunny. But I hope to be uploading again one or twice a week soon. I miss the creative process of filming and interacting with people.

4. Where do you connect most with other booktubers outside of YouTube?

I connect with people on Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram. I also have a tik tok account and I hope to be doing more with that in the future.

5. What are your goals for your channel?

I think most everyone who starts a YouTube channel hopes that they will be able to follow their passion and do it full time. So I hope for growth and being able to immerse myself in it more. But even if that never happens, I am very grateful to everyone that currently supports me and my passion. It's wonderful to have made so many friends in this community.

6. Give your top 3 tips for Booktube success

I think collaboration is big for success, having good content, and being community oriented.

7. What's the hardest part of being a booktuber?

I think being consistent can be very difficult. Unfortunately, there is life outside of booktube and sometimes things get busy. I love filming and creating content but sometimes life gets in the way.

8. What's your favourite book you've read so far this year?

I re read House on the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune. It was my favorite book of 2020 and I needed it in my life again this year.

9. Who are some of the booktubers you watch regularly?
I really love

to name a few of my lovely friends.
10. What is your most viewed video on your channel?

I have 7.7k on a Doctor Sleep book Versus Movie comparison.

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Kira better and encourage you to subscribe to her booktube channel.

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Book Blogger Interview Kira from Thebookbella

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  1. Great interview. It is interesting seeing the other mediums that us bloggers use to get our reviews out there.

    1. Thanks Tasha. Glad you enjoyed getting to know Kira. That's one of the reasons I wanted to do this series of interviews with book bloggers. I wanted to highlight the different platforms being used and in what ways. There's so much variety within the book blogging community. I hope these interviews will serve as inspiration for other book bloggers as well as showing the possibilities available.

    2. Kira Thebookbella28 April 2021 at 11:35

      Hi Tasha! Thank you! It's wonderful Jo has done this so I had the opportunity to meet and experience more with blogs. ��������

  2. Great interview with Kira. I rarely use YouTube so I don't really know many BookTubers (except for you and Robin), so nice to meet others.

    1. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. Happy to be sharing some new to you bloggers and mediums.

    2. Kira Thebookbella28 April 2021 at 11:37

      Nice to meet you! ��������

  3. Love Kira! She is an amazing booktuber and I am happy to call her a friend that I have made in the community.

    1. Hi Eric 🤗 Great to see so much support with the book blogging community 💖

    2. Thank you! 😊💕💕💕

  4. Good content is key. I’m not a booktuber but on my blog I have found book vs. movie/show comparisons are always a hit.

    1. I agree, book vs movie posts do tend to go down well both on blogs and on social media (makes note to do more of those types of posts for my own channels...).

  5. Kira Thebookbella28 April 2021 at 11:40

    I love making those kind of videos, but they are usually more time consuming to prep for because of all the details though. Definitely worth the extra work. ��

    1. Book vs film posts are a lot of work. I agree, it's definitely worth it though.

    2. Kira Thebookbella1 May 2021 at 14:34

      Completely! ❤

  6. Great interview and I hope Kira and the bunny are both feeling better!