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Types of Round Up Posts for Book Bloggers

Types of Round Up Posts for Book Bloggers

Types of Round Up Posts 

Round Up Posts for Book Bloggers

Round up posts are great for SEO, shares, backlinks, and viral traffic. In fact, they are one of my favourite types of blog posts to create and I tend to feature them a lot on this blog. 

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Why Book Bloggers Should Use Round Up Posts

Book blogging is no different from any other blogging niche. It works on the same principle. 

When you do a round up post you are featuring other people, or their content, in your blog post. This means that those people now have a vested interest in promoting that post.

It also often means a bunch of quality backlinks as they likely will want to use being featured as a way to increase their authority on the subject. They will therefore also help drive traffic to the post.

Creating round up posts is a great way to build relationships too. It gives you the chance to strengthen contacts you already have and to reach out and make new ones. 

Expert round ups and content round ups

There are two main types of round up posts; Expert Round Ups, and Content Round Ups.

What are expert round ups?

This is when you reach out to experts in your niche and ask them a question. An example of this is a recent post I did about Best Tips for Book Bloggers. For the post I asked fellow book bloggers "You can give your fellow book bloggers one top tip, what is it?" and shared their feedback. 

A large part of an expert round up is copy and paste as each expert will send you the content to include in your post. This makes it easy content as the main work is in formatting the post. 

Hosting an expert round up post also strengthens your own position as an expert in your niche. By bringing your readers feedback and advice from other experts in your niche you become associated with experts, influencers, and well know people that cover the same topics you do. Your own authority on the subject therefore also increases.

What are content round ups?

In content round ups you are basically curating a list on content. These can be more work than an expert round up as you will likely need to visit a lot of blogs to put together the list.

In order for content rounds up to work they need to deliver value which means you need to go beyond just the link and say something about why it's worth visiting. 

An example of a content round up is Book Blogger Posts September Round Up. I do a Book Blogger Round Up post towards the end of every month now. 

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Types of Round Up Posts for Book Bloggers

Here's a few ideas to inspire you to create some round up posts for your own book blog:

  • A collection of book reviews from different book bloggers for the same book
  • A collection of book reviews from different book bloggers from a specific genre
  • A collection of random book reviews (mix it up and add something from a variety of genres)
  • Bookish blog posts from other book bloggers
  • Ask a specific question to other book bloggers, publishers, authors, and share their answers
  • Best books in a specific genre
  • Books on your TBR- feature each book with a link to the author website/purchasing page
  • Top tips
  • Highlight different types of book bloggers (bookstagram, booktok, booktube, etc...)
  • How to guides (bring together expert advice on different aspects of book blogging)

What other kinds of round up posts would you add to this list? Do you do round up posts on your own book blog? Which are your favourite types of round up posts to create and why?

Types of Round Up Posts for Book Bloggers


  1. Fabulous post Jo. Lots of great suggestions there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post. I never though to do something like this, Thanks for the tip.

    1. My pleasure. I love round up style posts 😊

  3. Awesome post. I've been thinking about doing a round up post for a while now. You gave some great ideas here, and now I'm looking forward to trying some of them.

    1. Great! Looking forward to seeing what you create.