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Blog Audit Challenge 2021: September Challenges


Blog Audit Challenge 2021: September Challenges

Blog Audit Challenge 2021

Welcome back for another month of challenges for the Blog Audit Challenge 2021! I hope you did well with the August challenges. Remember to link up your progress in the August Linky. 

Each month we'll concentrate on a different area of our blogs.

The Challenges:

January- The Competition
FebruaryLegal Aspects
March- Branding 
June- SEO 
September- Readability 
October- Follow Options
November- Security
December- Know Your Stats

Monthly link ups

In order to keep us all on track, and give us a way to see each others progress, I'll be hosting link ups on the first Saturday of every month where participants can share their links and discuss their progress. 


September Challenges

Our focus for September is on readability.

For this month's tasks we're looking at ways to improve our blog post readability. For this we're not talking about the writing but instead the blog design.

The September challenges:

Blog design 
When we can all say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” we all really know that the first impression is always going to be visual. This is the same for blogs. You are going to judge a blog by it’s appearance and design.

1. Fonts

When it comes to fonts, simple is best. Keep the number of different fonts you use to a minimum (1 fancy font, and up to 2 basic fonts). 

All fonts should be easy on the eye. If it's too difficult to read people won't bother and you'll lose readers.

2. Colours

Again, these need to be easy to read. In this case basic combinations is the way to go. Black text on a white background is best as it's the easiest to read for most people. 

Dark backgrounds with light text can be hard to read. Same for some colours. 

3. Images

This is where you can add some colour and personality to your blog design. Use images to break up the text and add interest. 

4. White space

When it comes to making a blog post easier to read you need to consider white space too. Short paragraphs, good spacing... and well placed images to break up your text. 

Your blog post shouldn't look too overwhelming or readers will be put off. White space helps make it easy to read as it breaks it down into bite sized chunks.

Task: Check the readability of your blog posts. Are you making it as easy as possible for your readers?

Don't forget to promote your participation in the Blog Audit Challenge 2021 by using the following graphic in any blog posts you do connected with the challenge along with a link back to this site. 

Blog Audit Challenge 2021: A Challenge for Bloggers

Save the Date:

The monthly link up post for sharing your September progress will be on 2nd October. The October challenges will be posted on 1st October. 

Blog Audit Challenge 2021 September Challenges

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