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Book Review: The Zodiac Killer by WL Knightly


Book Review The Zodiac Killer by WL Knightly

My thoughts about The Zodiac Killer by WL Knightly

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The book synopsis for The Zodiac Killer by WL Knightly

The Zodiac Killer by WL Knightly
From USA Today Best Selling Authors Lexy Timms and Ali Parker comes a new thriller pen name - WL Knightly.

Detective Darek Blake thought the secrets of his past were long buried, but when a young girl is murdered in a familiar way, finding the killer will not only bring back memories he’s repressed, but give him a golden opportunity to impress the FBI.

So, when his partner, Special Agent Lizzy McNamara digs up evidence that’s a little too close to home, he’s shaken to the core. The worst sin he’s ever committed bubbles up, threatening to destroy his future.

Are the Zodiac killings a coincidence or is someone toying with him, and if so… who?

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Discussing The Zodiac Killer by WL Knightly

Some quotes from The Zodiac Killer by WL Knightly

“You knew what my life was like when you married me.” “And I’m starting to wish I’d kept the receipt.”

Max nodded. “Right, well, I still stand by my original advice.” “Your original advice was not to marry her,” Darek said, grinning. “You told me that all the way up the altar.”

The right woman could make a man stronger and better. He just wasn’t sure he’d found the right woman.

The name stopped Darek in his tracks, and a shudder ran through him. Memories of his earlier nightmare echoed through his skull, and the gnarled scar on his shoulder itched. He rubbed absently at the place where he’d been branded as a child.

The zodiac was very real to some people, and they let it rule their entire lives.

She wasn’t trying to be a domineering bitch or an arrogant hard ass, but she needed him to know she deserved respect. Too many times, men in her line of work thought they had to be forceful and ultra-masculine. That kind of attitude had ruined partnerships before.

He ended the call and headed down to his private penthouse where he did some of his more intimate dealings. He searched the news on his phone, and now, he understood why the others were concerned.

Darek thought it was his lucky day, but it was actually a catalyst for the worst fucking day of his life.

He hated dialing the guy’s number and the fact he had to keep the guy in his contacts at all, but that was what happened when you made friends with the devil.

Home was a place where you didn’t have to cry unless you wanted to, and those who lived there with you didn’t hurt you.

She took his hand and squeezed it tight. He’d never felt connected this intensely to anyone in his life. The thought both thrilled him and scared him.

He headed to the public library and went inside. He had always loved the smell of libraries and had fond memories of his mother taking him down to check out mystery books. He didn’t read all the time, but when he needed an escape from the old man, he’d hole up in his room and bury his nose in one. It sometimes worked, too.

She drove like a maniac, and Darek wondered if she was a racecar driver in a previous life. One more sharp turn, and his stomach did a somersault. “Don’t kill us. I’ve got a divorce settlement to win. If I’m dead, not only will she get the fucking house, but she’ll get my life insurance. Don’t let that woman have my fucking life insurance.”

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Book Review The Zodiac Killer by WL Knightly

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  1. Thank you for sharing this in depth review!! It sounds super intriguing! But also like a very long series xD I haven't read a ton of thrillers or mysteries but autumn always makes me want to cozy down with something a little spooky :D

    1. Yeah it's a long series and seems like you'll need to read them all to get to the end of the story, as I assume the others end in cliffhangers without answers too.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Sounds gripping and perhaps perfect for spooky season.

    1. I think this would be a good series to read this time of year. A good read for those that like mysteries and morally grey characters.

  3. While it sounds intriguing I must admit I am a bit too chicken to read this.