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Which blogging platform do you use and why?


Which blogging platform do you use and why?

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I recently started a new series of posts on my Twitter asking a question of the day. The idea behind it is to get chatting more about book blogging and everything involved with being a book blogger. 

I'll be showcasing answers to the questions in a series of blog posts here on www.JoLinsdell.com so we can develop the conversation even more and go into more detail.

Which blogging platform do you use and why?

A topic that comes up a lot among book bloggers is which blogging platform to use. I recently did a blog post Blogger VS Wordpress: The Pros and Cons to do a comparison of the two main free platforms.

I wanted to reach out and see what fellow book bloggers in my community were using though to delve a little deeper into why they choose the platform they did for their own book blog. 

What the Book Blogging Community had to say:

Wordpress - I think the interface on the back end is so useful. You just need to be aware of storage and think about it (don't use a big image if you're going to resize it to small anyway etc) @SifaPoulton

Blogger. I wish I had Wordpress though. But when I started it in 2011 the person who helped me was only familiar with Blogger/Blogspot and I didn’t know zilch.@NadanessSobhi

Wordpress. When I started blogging in 2014 I did a good research on which platform to use and I liked WP the most as it seemed to have plenty of options and customizations and plugins. @Mehsi_Hime

Blogger. I claimed my blog name way waaaaaay back but didn't start blogging until 2011. It's the only platform I knew about. There are so many options now! @AVoraciousReadr

I use Wordpress ….Many blogs I first followed used WP. I don’t think I knew there were other options! @ReadingLadiesBC

WordPress. I use the free one and it's easy to use for a tech dino like me. Keep an eye on storage though - just spent hours clearing media. @cats_herding

Have been with WordPress since starting the blog nine years ago. I dabbled with Blogger for a different site first but didn’t care for it. @BookerTalk

I started with Blogger, but free WP was so much easier. I now have my own paid domain with WP for no ads etc. @gaskella

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Which blogging platform do you use and why?

Which platform do you use for your book blog? What made you chose that option? Do you ever consider changing over to a different host? 

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  1. The variety has of responses is always interesting! ~Carol, Reading Ladies