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BlogMas: What and Why

BlogMas: What and Why

BlogMas: What and Why

A Blogging Challenge for December

This year I've decided to take part in BlogMas. For those of you not familiar with this blogging extravaganza today's post will take you through everything you need to know and maybe even convince you to give it a go too.

What is BlogMas?

BlogMas is a blogging challenge where the goal is to post new content every day to your blog during the month of December.

Some people decide to do a reduced version where they post for the 12 days of Christmas instead of doing the full 31 days.

Whilst most of the content tends to have a festive theme, you can post anything you want. BlogMas is an opportunity to play around with new ideas and hopefully reach a new, wider audience. 

Who Can Take Part?

Anyone and everyone with a blog! 

It's really that simple. As long as you have a blog to post to you can take part in the BlogMas challenge. No sign ups or registering required. There are also no penalties if you don't manage to post every day of the challenge. 

Why Should You Do BlogMas?

There are multiple reasons for taking part in the BlogMas challenges and just as many benefits for doing it.

1) It's fun

Taking part in a blogging challenge is fun and BlogMas is a great way to spread some Christmas cheer. 

2) Motivates and Inspires

BlogMas is the perfect opportunity to try out new ideas and experiment with your content. As lots of bloggers take a part it's also a great way to see what types of content other bloggers are creating.

3) Great for making new connections

BlogMas is a wide spread challenge with bloggers from all over the world taking part. This makes it a great way to make new connections and/or strengthen relationships with other bloggers.

It's super easy to show your support to other bloggers taking part as you just need to search for "BlogMas". Enjoy the social aspect of the challenge. 

4) Google LOVES fresh content

Any challenge that means you post more frequently will go over well with Google. The search engine loves fresh, up to date content. By posting daily you should get the attention of the Google bots and show up favourably in it's algorithm

5) More traffic and followers

Taking part in challenges is a great way to bring in traffic to your blog. New visitors that enjoy your BlogMas posts might decide to follow your blog on a more regular basis too.

6) An increase in income

You might see a spike in income revenue through ads and affiliate programs. 

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Tips for BlogMas success

1) Schedule posts in advance

Try to schedule at least some of your blog posts for the month in advance. This will help keep you organised and take a bit of the pressure off. 

2) Don't forget to share your posts on social media

After publishing make sure you let everyone know about your posts. Using #BlogMas will make it easy for others interested in the challenge to find your content. 

3) Show support for others doing the challenge

Make sure you're giving back to other bloggers and showing support for their content. BlogMas is about positivity, spreading joy, connecting with others just as much as it is about creating content. Don't miss the opportunity to reach out to other bloggers during the challenge. 

Are you doing BlogMas this year? Do you like taking part in blogging challenges?

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BlogMas What and Why

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