Book Review: Rebel Without a Claus by Celia Kinsey


Book Review Rebel Without a Claus by Celia Kinsey

My thoughts about Rebel Without a Claus by Celia Kinsey

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The book synopsis for Rebel Without a Claus by Celia Kinsey

It’s Christmas time at Little Tombstone, a rundown roadside tourist attraction in the tiny town of Amatista, New Mexico, and the annual visit from Santa Claus to the children of the village doesn’t quite go as planned.

Edgar Martinez, who’s played Santa every Christmas for the past twenty years, fails to make an appearance. He doesn’t even call.

The show must go on, so a substitute Santa takes Edgar’s place. But when Emma decides to investigate why Edgar, who is normally a rock of reliability, didn’t show up for the twenty-first year running to put on his size XXXL crimson crushed velvet Santa suit, she discovers that Edgar seems to have disappeared altogether.

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3 stars

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Rebel Without a Claus by Celia Kinsey

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