Ways You Can Help Your Fellow Book Bloggers This Holiday Season


Ways You Can Help Your Fellow Book Bloggers This Holiday Season

Supporting Book Bloggers 

Ways You Can Help Your Fellow Book Bloggers This Holiday Season

What better time of year to give back to your fellow book bloggers than during the Holiday season?! 

I'm a big believer in supporting others. We're in this journey together. Another blogger success doesn't diminish my own. We all have individual goals for our book blogs and unique visions about the sort of book blog we want to run. This isn't a competition where we're against each other. It's a community, and communities support each other and help each other reach their goals. 

So how can we support our fellow book bloggers during this festive time of year? 

Ways to Support Book Bloggers

1) Tell them you like their content.

Everyone likes to hear if they're doing a goo job and book bloggers are no different. So often bloggers put out content and although traffic might be good, they never see comments to give them feedback. At times it can feel like we're just talking into the void. A simple message to let them know their content is appreciated can really make their day. 

2) Read their blog posts.

This might seem obvious but how often do we see links shared on social media but fail to open the actual post? Your pageview could be that last one that book blogger needed to reach their traffic goal for the month. 

3) Give them a shout out.

What better way to tell them how much you like them than to tell everyone else how much you like them? Whether it's in a blog post or on social media, giving your fellow book bloggers a shout out is sure to make them smile. 

4) Use their affiliate links.

If your book blogging buddy uses affiliate links on their book blog use them when you plan to make a purchase. Every little helps.

5) Spread the word about their paid services/products

A lot of book bloggers offer services on their book blogs like sponsored posts, side bar ads, etc... Other have products for sale like books, planners, or other bookish merchandise. Help them get the word out by sharing with your followers. 

6) Give them a testimonial.

You saying you're good is one thing. Other people saying you're good is another. Give your book blogger pals a gift this Christmas and send them a testimonial about why they are such a good book blogger/why you love their book blog. These can be great for them to use in media kits when they're trying to find sponsors. 

What other ways can you think of to show your support for your fellow book bloggers? 

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Ways You Can Help Your Fellow Book Bloggers This Holiday Season

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