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April 2023 Book Blogger Round Up


April 2023 Book Blogger Round Up

Book Blogger Posts Round Up

A collection of blog posts by book bloggers

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Welcome to the April Book Bloggers Round Up!

Finding the time to scan through various social media feeds to find suitable content can take up valuable time and so I figured I'd make it easier and put together a collection here on the blog.

Each month I'll include a wide variety of content so there's something for everyone. You'll find book reviews, interviews, discussion pieces and more...

So if you're looking for new bookish content to read and/or want to discover some new book bloggers to follow, look no further!

I introduced this new feature here on the blog in May 2021 to showcase blog posts by other book bloggers. I'll be linking up a variety of blog posts so hopefully there will be something to suit all tastes.

The following posts were submitted for inclusion in this round up via my Twitter, where I asked for posts. I'll be continuing to do this every month.

Want to be included in future round ups? Follow my Twitter profile and keep an eye out for the submission tweet.

April 2023 Book Blogger Round Up

@ReadingLadiesBC reviewed the non fiction Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown. "I found this book challenging, practical, and insightful as each emotion is presented and discussed. Rather than self-help, this is more accurately defined as a glossary of emotions filled with practical examples." Read the full post here.

@cats_herding did a review as part of the book tour for The Little Venice Bookshop by Rebecca Raisin. "There is nothing that I didn’t love about this book!  I love Rebecca Raisin and how she builds communities and characters that stay with you for a long time and become part of your own life.  I love Venice and I love books.  This book ticked all the right boxes for me!" Read the full post here.

@espressoedition listed 15 Books That You Need on Your Spring Reading List Read the full post here.

@WordsofMystery recapped what she read in March. Check out the post for a summary of each book. Read the full post here.

@cjfriess reviewed the children's picture book Harriet’s Hungry Worms by Samantha Smith & Melissa Johns. "Harriet’s Hungry Worms has a glossary at the end of the book which is packed with fascinating worm facts and information about what you can feed your worms as well as what you can’t. It can encourage young readers to recycle their household waste in a fun way." Read the full post here.

@crafty_cay did a thought-provoking post titled The Rise of the Mega-Popular Author: Yes, I’m Talking Colleen Hoover. "If we’re all giving lip service to the same authors, who are already experiencing success, what does that mean for less well-known authors? What does that mean for us as readers?" Read the full post here.

@alitescape reviewed Funny Feelings by Tarah DeWitt. "If you enjoy contemporary romantic comedies with relatable characters, then jump on this book." Read the full post here.

@leftontheshelf1 was also part of the book tour for The Little Venice Bookshop by Rebecca Raisin. "It was set in the titular Venice and I almost felt as though I was there. The book did not get bogged down in description but it was sufficient to make me want to pack my bags and go there." Read the full post here.

@Art_of_Reading gave a breakdown of her reading progress in her post My reading month March 2023 | In Retrospect along with a recap of her posts during the month. Read the full post here.

@beccakateblogs reviewed After Paris by Nicole Kennedy. "Getting drip fed information and details on each of the women’s histories across the span of the book was fascinating. It was nice to have some kind of explanations of their actions and understand them better as characters." Read the full post here.

@BooksCozy reviewed Mrs. Covington’s by K.R.R. Lockhaven. "This was a very enjoyable and cozy read! Warmth permeates every second of this story. It’s like a fireplace has been lit and you’re always enveloped in a comforting blanket. It’s got diversity, nachos and beer, treasure hunts, capybaras, a capybara heist, light romance, misunderstood folks, found family, reading nights, song nights, dancing nights, magic, and all the goodies of a found family. What more can you want?" Read the full post here.

What bookish blog posts did you enjoy reading in April? Have a favourite book you read in April that you want to share?

In case you missed it, don't forget to check out the March Round Up for even more great bookish posts by different book bloggers. 

April 2023 Book Blogger Round Up

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  1. I love reading your round ups! Thank you for including Story Snug, Jo :)

    1. My pleasure. I love your blog. So many awesome children's picture books. You always seem to find really interesting ones to review.

  2. Blog hopping is so fun! Thanks for including me! ~Carol @ ReadingLadies