A Guide to the Trajan Markets and Imperial Forum Museum | Jo Linsdell

A Guide to the Trajan Markets and Imperial Forum Museum

A Guide to the Trajan Markets and Imperial Forum Museum

Travel: Rome, Italy

A Guide to the Trajan Markets and Imperial Forum Museum

When I don't have my head stuck in a book discovering fictional worlds I like to explore the real world.

I've lived in Rome since 2001 and still enjoy going out and about exploring the city. It's true what they say, a lifetime isn't enough!

The Trajan Market (Mercati di Traiano in Italian) is not as famous as the Colosseum but definitely a must see during a visit to the centre of Rome. My son summed it up nicely when he said "Look mum, I'm walking in history". That's exactly how it feels as you walk around Trajan's Market.

There are also spectacular views from the the higher levels where you can see over the Imperial Forums and beyond.

Trajan's Markets and Imperial Forum Museum

Important info

Address: Via Quattro Novembre, 94, 00187 Roma RM

Cost: adults € 11,50 concessions € 9,50

Opening hours: Every day 9:30- 19:30

Accessibility: The whole monumental complex of the Mercati di Traiano was adapted for access by the disabled. The museum provides a wheelchair for people with reduced mobility.

Website: https://www.mercatiditraiano.it/en

Trajan's Market History

Considered the world's first shopping complex with over 150 stores and offices, the Trajan Markets were built for the Emperor Trajan between 100 and 110 AD.

Designed by Apollodorus of Damascus, an Damascus-born Greek architect and engineer from Roman Syria, the complex currently holds the Museum of Imperial Forums (Museo dei Fori Imperiali).

The complex has been modified numerous times over the years as multiple levels were added and defensive elements like the Torre delle Milizie which is located on the higher level in the garden area. On this level there are also panoramic terraces that give a breathtaking view over the Roman Forums below. In my opinion some of the best views of Rome. 

The lower levels are just as amazing. Being able to walk around the Trajan Forum is like stepping back in time. 

Inside you can find the Great Hall and displays with an introduction to the Trajan Markets and the history of the Imperial Forum. There are also halls dedicated to the Sculptures, a collection of amphorae, and more. 

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Books about Rome

I've always been a fan of the Lonely Planet Travel Guides (I own several for different destinations) and made sure I had a copy of Lonely Planet Europe with me when I first came out here. They also have a Lonely Planet Rome you might be interested in. I've always found their guides straight forward and easy to use, with just the right amount of information. 

If you want to learn some basic Italian, you might also want to check out my book Italian for Tourists which is a pocket-sized English/Italian phrasebook. 

A Guide to the Trajan Markets and Imperial Forum Museum

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