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How To Blog More Consistently

How To Blog More Consistently


How To Blog More Consistently

What is consistency in blogging and how do you stay consistent with a blog? In this post we'll be answering those questions and taking a closer look at the things you can do to make sure you're blogging consistently. 

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Decide what ‘consistently’ looks like

Not all bloggers want or need to post daily to their blogs. The frequency depends on your website, your industry, and your target audience but also on the amount of time you have to dedicate to your blog.

Find an amount of weekly/monthly posts that works best for you. You can always change your mind in the future and scale up or down if needed but posting on the same days each week means your readers can count on you to provide new content on a schedule that you've established.

Make a commitment and stick to it

Following on from the previous point, decide which days you will post and try to stick to that schedule. Not only will it help bring back regular visitors to your blog but it will also look good to the search engine algorithms when they see you're regularly putting out new content. 

Create a realistic schedule and make a content calendar

So now you know when you need to be posting, it's time to plan out what content you'll be posting and when.

By creating an editorial calendar you'll always know ahead of time what posts you'll be doing. No last minute panic attacks trying to come up with something to post about on the day.

Use templates

This applies to both graphics and blog posts. 

For example, have a template for book reviews with each section set up; Title, author, publisher, synopsis, review comments, purchasing links, etc... This way you already have the structure ready to go and just need to fill in the blanks each time. 

Having templates for graphics is a great time saver too and helps keep your branding looking professional and consistent at the same time. Sites like Canva make it super easy to set up graphic templates. 

Add some easy posts 

These are your low maintenance posts that are quick and easy for you to do. These types of posts are great for giving you some extra breathing space and taking the pressure off. 

Batch content ahead of time

Batching is one of the best ways to make sure you maintain consistency with your blog. Try to find a block of time each week where you can sit down and concentrate on creating new content for your blog.

Create a swipe file

Worried about running out of blogging ideas? Easy! Create a swipe file. 

A swipe file is basically a list of ideas. Whenever you get a new idea for a blog post add it to the swipe file list that way when it's time to sit down and write up your content for the week/month you'll always have plenty of ideas you can use for inspiration on days you aren't sure what to post and avoid getting writers block. 

How To Blog More Consistently

Can you think of others ways to help be more consistent with your blog? Join in the conversation in the comments section below and share your tips/experience.

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