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2023 Challenges: June Wrap Up


2023 Challenges June Wrap Up

2023 Challenges: June Update

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June was a month full of highs and lows for me. 

The lowest being losing my grandma. She was very special to me and I'm still taking her passing hard. It'll take a while...

It has motivated me to live my best life and reach my goals though. She was the one person who always believed in me and supported me unconditionally, even when she didn't have a clue what I was going on about. The best cheerleader anyone could ever have.

I decided the best way to honour her was to do all the things we'd always talked about and make sure I put into action my plans for improving my life (in general, but also including for this blog). 


It is with great pleasure that I can tell you not only did I reach my traffic goal of 50K views for June, I absolutely killed it by hitting 59,619! Almost 10K more than my goal! Thank you to each and everyone of you that reads my content. I hope to continue to improve and offer you even more reasons to keep coming back. 

Goal for July is 60K! 


As my grandma couldn't get out and about I would often video call her and take her on trips with me around Rome. I'd take her on walks in the park, to the centre, to the beach, out shopping...

As we're on summer break here at the moment I've been taking my sons out and about in and near to Rome. This month we went to Ostia Beach, and went to the centre several times to visit numerous sites, shops, monuments and museums. Relaxing by the Trevi fountain, trying on a dress made from Lego, stopping by Piazza di Spagna where they were filming the new Mission Impossible, visits to so many museums... and lots... and lots... of walking. 

I'll be doing separate blog posts about each place with full details soon. 

Reading Challenges

I only read two books this month but they were both 5 star reads and both count towards by reading challenges.

The Clock Reading Challenge

I created the Clock Reading Challenge a few years ago as I thought it would be fun and not too difficult to complete. 

Join in with the Clock Reading Challenge 2023 and create your own clock for 2023. If you need some help finding books for the challenge check out Books with Numbers 1-12 in the Title: Clock Reading Challenge.

The Clock Reading Challenge June 2023 Update

Books read this month:

6 -  Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six by Lisa Unger - My Review - Amazon - Goodreads 

The Net Galley TBR Reading Challenge

Not a bad start for this challenge too as both books I read for the Clock Reading Challenge were also from my Net Galley TBR. 

The Net Galley TBR Reading Challenge June 2023 Update

Books read this month:
Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six by Lisa Unger - My Review - Amazon - Goodreads 

A Cryptic Clue by Victoria Gilbert - My ReviewAmazon - Goodreads 

Fitness Challenges

I've struggled with my health for most of my life, but this year I'm finally getting some answers and so a step closer to improving my overall health and fitness.

So far I've discovered that my estrogen levels are off the charts high and this alone has had a huge impact on my day to day life. Working on getting it under control through natural remedies and tweaking my lifestyle. It's only been a few months but I'm already seeing an improvement. 

The other issue I finally got an answer on was being diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and discovering that I'm not celiac but have a strong sensitivity to gluten. 

In general it doesn't change much as I still need to continue with the gluten free diet I've been doing for years but it's good to finally have answers and know what's what. 

For both the estrogen issues and those related to IBS, I need to increase the amount of exercise I do... which currently is very little. 

In the past two years I've almost died three times (once from my intestine blocking, and twice from Covid). Due to these problems I spent a lot of time in bed. Add to that the fact that I work from home and therefore don't get much natural movement into my day means I need to get motivated and build exercise into my routine. 

Having not done much for so long and still struggling with health issues I know there's no point in getting too over ambitious so I decided to start with some simple and easy beginner fitness challenges. 

The main goal is to get started! 

During June I made a conscious effort to be more active in general. Walking more has been my main priority as it's a good starting point and easier to do during the summer months as we tend to be out and about more in general. 

I did some searching online for easy fitness challenges to try out and will be putting them into action in July. If you know of any good challenges for beginners please let me know.

2023 Challenges June Wrap Up

How did you do with your June Challenges? What challenges are you doing this year? Have you read any of these books? Join the conversation in the comments section. 

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