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Book Club Kit: The Girl Under the Flag by Alex Amit


Book Club Kit The Girl Under the Flag by Alex Amit

Book Club Kit

The Girl Under the Flag by Alex Amit

Please be aware going into this post that it is for people who have read the book and therefore contains some spoilers.

About the book

Publisher: Independently published

Genre: Historical, World War 2, Holocaust

Number of pages: 384

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8678218247
ASIN ‏ : ‎B08L5J1LM7

Published: 4th January 2021

Purchasing links:  Amazon

Book Covers

The Girl Under the Flag by Alex Amit book covers #TheGirlUndertheFlag

Book Synopsis for The Girl Under the Flag by Alex Amit

Monique would do anything to live.

Running for her life from the Nazis, Monique, a seventeen-year-old Jewish girl, escapes through the streets of Paris, searching for a place to hide.

In a dark basement deep within the city, Philip, a man of the Resistance, offers her a deal in order to save her life by changing her identity. In return, she needs to provide information about the Germans by becoming acquainted with them.

Torn between her feelings for Philip and her fear of Herr Ernest, a German officer who shows special interest in her, Monique steps deeper and deeper into the jaws of the Nazi beast. But with every day that passes, she knows that it is only a matter of time before she makes a mistake and becomes discovered by the Germans - the price for that being her life.

Through her own eyes, Monique tells of her efforts to survive within occupied Paris, torn between the cafés bustling with people and the poor citizens endlessly waiting in lines, food-ration stubs in hand. But above all, this is a story about a girl who has to fight for her freedom during those dark and dreadful days, fervently refusing to give up, while the German soldiers march through the streets of Paris, stomping the ground with their hobnailed boots.

About the Author

Alex Amit is a historical fiction writer, and the author of the WW2 Girls series.

In his books, Alex Amit writes about the brave women fighting in those dark days, facing the enemy and not giving up despite the high stakes before them, knowing that they must succeed.

Alex began his career as an author after dedicating more than a decade to learning the history of WW2, equipped with a BSc in Psychology. In his writing, he combines historical facts and an appreciating point of view of the difficulties, dilemmas, and fears accompanying his books’ heroines.

Alex is the father of a young man and woman taking their first steps into the adult world, and of an old and anxious dog. He also an amateur photographer, painter, and sometime-poet.

Book Reviews

My Review of The Girl Under the Flag by Alex Amit

"This is a must read for anyone who likes WW11 novels, or who wants and exciting and inspirational book to read. I guarantee you will not be able to put it down!" - Sue G., Net Galley Read the full review here

"WWII Paris comes alive in this gripping book by Alex Amit. A young girl is forced to question what her true values are when the French City comes under control of Nazi Germany. The descriptions are tight and deceptive and paint an picture of a long ago era when evil was very real. As a history buff of WWII, I enjoyed this book.  - Alan K., Net Galley." Read the full Review here.

"Just wow! This book kept me up all night. You felt as though you were with Monique as she dived deeper, dealing with the internal struggle she faced. She is a strong, well-developed character." - Librarian 303131, Net Galley. Read the full review here.  

"Fast paced and packed with tension, I found myself holding my breath as I read this one. I was fully engaged with the storyline, and found it impossible to put down." - Sarah K., Net Galley. Read the full review here.  


Discussion Questions

Had Jacob hidden with Monique do you think they both would have survived? 

Do you think Ernest ever suspected Monique?

Lizette became like family to Monique in a way. Do you think she always knew who Monique truly was?

Simone was always a little hard on Monique and didn't approve of her spending time with the Germans. Why do you think she still let her work for her?

Monique and Phillip had a difficult relationship. Why do you think Phillip left? Was it because of the work he had to do or was it because of Monique sleeping with Ernest?

If you were ever in Monique's situation do you think you'd be able to do what she did (sleep with the enemy)? 

Do you think the treatment (after the liberation) of those who had befriended the Germans was justified? 

How important do you think the role of these women, like Monique, was for the resistance? 

Quotes from The Girl Under the Flag by Alex Amit

Tears drip down my cheeks, I don’t want them to look for me, I don’t want to be Jewish, I want to be just an anonymous girl, why did they come at all? Why are they taking us? My body is shaking and I’m so cold.

“Will I die?”“Maybe, maybe I will die too, life is given to those who are willing to fight for it.”“I want to live.”“I cannot guarantee you that.”

“Next week, I have to go on a day trip to the North Shore area. Would you like to join me? Just the two of us.” And I nod to him in the affirmative , releasing my hand and walking down the boulevard. What else could I answer him? I’m a French prostitute who will have to kiss a German officer who wants to politely hunt down the Jews.

“Be careful,” I ask them, not before looking one last time at the garden gate and the peeling sign. I’m so glad I did not find the painting that hung in my bedroom.

“Don’t you understand? I do not want to see you anymore, ever. Get out of my life . I’m like the rats in the Nazi movies, everyone I touch dies or leaves. I spread diseases. I slept with a German officer; you will never marry me. I am an infected Jew.”


Book Club Kit The Girl Under the Flag by Alex Amit

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