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Mock Up Websites: Free Sites For Creating Great Mock Ups

Mock Up Websites: Free Sites For Creating Great Mock Ups

Mock Up Websites

Mock ups are a great tool for creating graphic content for your blog or for your social media posts. 

Images go down well. 

In blog posts images help break up the text, and add more interest to the article. Adding an image to your blog posts also gives readers something they can pin to their Pinterest boards. 

You might decide to use a mock up like I did in this interview with book blogger Megan from Ginger Mom and the Kindle Quest where I used it to showcase the blog I was featuring in the post. 

Or you might want to use them in a more subtle way like I do in the blog posts for Promo Day where they feature as a background to the graphics. Check out this example of the post 2019 Webinar: Book Blogging 101 with Jo Linsdell

On social media, posts with images tend to stand out more than just plain text on the newsfeeds. Mock ups are a good way to create easy graphics for sharing. 

On some mock up sites you can upload the images you want to use from your computer. On others you can insert the url of the webpage you want to feature on the mock up screen and it will automatically create the image for you.

There are plenty of different types of mock ups available. You can find mock ups for computers, laptops, ipads, tablets, smartphones, and even book covers and more.

Whilst there are a lot of sites that offer an endless variety of options at a variety of price ranges, there are plenty of sites that offer some free mock ups too.

Check out these 8 free sites for creating great mock ups:

To get even more use out of your mock ups you can upload the images to graphic creation sites like and edit them into branded graphics by adding your logo to the image, adding overlays, or text. The possibilities are endless!

Mock Up Websites: Free Sites For Creating Great Mock Ups

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  1. This is going to sound silly but what is a mock up? Great post, though!

  2. A mock up is a realistic representation of what a product or website will look like. È.g. authors often make mock ups for their ebooks showing the ebook cover design on a tablet or smartphone. It can be much more effective on promotional posts as shows the product "in use" as opposed to just a simple, flat, cover image.
    For websites you can use a mock up to show how your website looks on a computer screen. It makes a nice alternative to just using your logo.
    When I'm hosted by other bloggers for a guest post I often make a mock up showing my post on their website to use in social media posts. It grabs more attention than just plain text with a url.
    Mock ups are particularly useful to bloggers who don't feel comfortable with setting up scenes for photos or that struggle with staging. With mock ups the scene is already set for you. You just pick the one you want to use and what you want to show on the computer/tablet/phone screen.

  3. no way this is so cool!!! thanks for sharing!! :)

    1. Glad you like it. I figured that some other bloggers might not have thought about using mock ups when promoting their blog posts, and that some authors might not have realised just how easy it is to create promotional graphics for their ebooks.