Book Blogger Interview: Divya Agrawal from celebrityreadshush | Jo Linsdell

Book Blogger Interview: Divya Agrawal from celebrityreadshush

Book Blogger Interview Booktuber Divya Agrawal from celebrityreadshush

Book Blogger Interview Series

Getting To Know The Book Blogging Community One Guest At A Time

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I hope you're enjoying this series of book blogger interview posts and getting to know some great members of the book blogging community along the way.

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Are you ready to get to know another member of the book blogging community?

Today the focus is on booktube. 

I've been on booktube for over 8 years now and love this medium for sharing about books (and blogging). 

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I'm looking forward to chatting with other booktubers during this series to get some behind the scenes insight into how they are approaching the book blogging community and what they've learnt so far.

Today's guest is Booktuber Divya Agrawal from celebrityreadshush 

Getting to Know Booktuber Divya Agrawal from celebrityreadshush

The Interview

Divya Agrawal from celebrityreadshush

1. What made you want to join Booktube?

I was a book blogger before joining booktube. I had just started blogging for like 5-6 months. One day, through Bookstagram I got to know about booktube and thought of giving it a try as I was and still am a camera shy person. So, to overcome my shyness, I joined booktube and of course to just share the love of books with others. 

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2. How long have you been a booktuber?

I think I started booktube on March 2018 but due to studies as I was a college student that time and now a dentist, I hardly got time to read, film and upload. But last year due to lockdown, I got plenty of time to upload new videos, so for me I will say I've been on Booktube since 2020.

3. How often do you upload new video content to your channel?

I try to upload twice a week. I've this series on my channel, Book Review Thursday in which, on every Thursday I try to put a book review out for everyone. And as for Sundays, I just try to upload videos other than book reviews.

4. Where do you connect most with other booktubers outside of YouTube?

Book Twitter. Again, I found out about it in 2020 and so happy that I did! Most of my booktube friends are on Twitter only and that's how I met them.

5. What are your goals for your channel?

My goal was to get 1k before and now to get monetized. 🙈 Other than that, I don't exactly have a goal. I just want to read and film.

6. Give your top 3 tips for Booktube success

1. Be consistent. I know it's hard but it's the greatest key to booktube success.
2. Connect with other booktubers.
3. If you can, put aesthetic videos out there. People love that. But if you can't (like me) just try to be you and work harder than others. 

7. What's the hardest part of being a booktuber?

I'm an Indian Booktuber and that says a lot. I don't get many views or subscribers as many won't watch our videos internationally. 
And if I talk about in India only, people here love nonfiction. Most successful Indian Booktubers do nonfiction reviews and recommendations which I hardly do. So, there you have it. 

8. What's your favourite book you've read so far this year?

Anon by Bhavani Iyer. The book is by an Indian author. It talks about two people who can do anything for their passion. And the way the whole book is written is just mesmerizing and captivating. 

9. Who are some of the booktubers you watch regularly?

Mostly Indian booktubers, books and other nerd things, bring me the books, moonlightscrawl, colyyy and so many more. I'm just bad with remembering channel names.😅

10. What is your most viewed video on your channel?

How to earn money by reading books. That video has crossed 5.3k views. That's most I have gotten on a video.  

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Divya better and encourage you to subscribe to her booktube channel.

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Book Blogger Interview: Divya Agrawal from celebrityreadshush

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Nadene. I'm really enjoying getting to know all these book bloggers better.

  2. I love the idea of Booktube, but I'm not good on the camera. I'll have to check out her videos :)

    1. Booktube is another one of those platforms where you can be as creative as you like with your content. On YouTube any kind of video goes so you don't necessarily have to be a talking head in front of the camera to do it. You could create slides and just do audio over them.

  3. You tubers are so brave - I would be far too self-conscious to do this

    1. When I started out I was a bit self-conscious. The turning point for me was when I realised I didn't have to try do what other people where doing and just did me. I just imagine I'm chatting with friends now when I film my videos.

  4. Fabulous interview with Divya Agrawal. I have a lot of respect for Booktubers putting yourselves on camera to share the book love.

    1. I love the variety on Booktube. All ages, talking about all genres of books. I've discovered some great books by watching Booktube videos.

  5. Being yourself is so key. I’ve had the most luck on my social media endeavors when I’m just true to myself rather than trying to check boxes.

    1. Definitely. Embrace what makes you you and be your true self. It comes across so much better.