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Book Review: Victim of a Delusional Mind by KJ North


Book Review: Victim of a Delusional Mind by KJ North

My thoughts about Victim of a Delusional Mind by KJ North

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The book synopsis for Victim of a Delusional Mind by KJ North

Book Review: Victim of a Delusional Mind by KJ North

Tragedy enters the quaint coastal town of New Haven, Oregon when the recently released convict,

Ross Conrad, vows to make good on a ten-year-old threat.
Private Investigators, Troy and Eva Winters take on the case when they realize their good friend, Jasmine, is the object of his delusional obsession.
When the threat becomes deadly and Jasmine turns up missing, Troy and Eva go on the hunt for Ross and his captive.
The chase leads them from the Oregon coast to the dense forest of Puget Sound, Washington. Following clues and evidence of bodies left behind, Troy and Eva must find Jasmine before her time runs out.

Private Investigators Troy and Eva Winters Thriller Series books are listed in chronological order below
#1 Victim of a Delusional Mind
#2 Dead Man's Money
#3 Every Last Drop
#4 Her Kill List

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Discussing Victim of a Delusional Mind by KJ North

Quotes from Victim of a Delusional Mind by KJ North

Troy and Eva Winters kept a one-bedroom apartment above their private investigation business in the city. They had opened Winters Investigations five years ago, both working full time until they started coming to the coast to help run the inn. Lately, they’d decided to take turns working cases in the city and live life a little slower when they were at the coast. She was happy that it was Troy’s turn next.

The number of people who live there can be suffocating sometimes, though. The traffic is more than horrible, and you can’t go anywhere without standing in line forever. When I think about the hours of my life wasted in limbo because of the crowds… I just don’t know. Smaller towns are starting to call my name.”

Thank God he’s just a regular guy out on the beach, making a living with his drone. I can’t believe I was thinking he was a suspicious man watching me. I just need to relax.

Things will just get worse if you don’t settle down. I’m going to take my hand away from your mouth, and I don’t want you to make a sound. Feel this cold steel? Keep in mind, I could shoot you.”

He got up and cautiously walked into the kitchen. Her head was hanging down, and she was still tied to the chair.

Good thinking, Eva. Don’t let him know that it’s just you and me here. There’s something about him that makes me uneasy. I just can’t pinpoint it.

A speargun. That would be an interesting way to kill someone. I could even give her a running start. Make it a sporting event. Pneumatic, no bullets to trace, quiet, perfect.

Patience had never been one of Troy’s strong suits when it came to a situation where someone could be in danger.

She heard heavy breathing coming from somewhere. Gray light was all she could see as she struggled to open her eyes.

She reached deep into her pocket, pulled out the corkscrew, and clutched it tightly. Jasmine slid the blade open—and waited.

Okay, get up. Let’s get this over with. Start walking. I’ll be close behind you. You got a few more minutes of life to live. If I shoot you now, I’d have to drag you to your grave. I’d rather not do that. I’m getting kind of tired of all this.”

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Book Review Victim of a Delusional Mind by KJ North

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  1. This sounds like a book I would enjoy. Looks intriguing and thrilling. Great review.

    1. I think you might enjoy this one too. Definitely worth checking out.

  2. I love the wit and snark in the quotes

    1. There were some really good moments in this one. I'm curious to read more KJ North books to see if the wit and snark come across in others too.

  3. Looks like my type of story. Sounds like a great thriller.

    1. Victim of a Delusional Mind was a good read. I think you might like this one.

  4. This book sounds like it is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I believe it may still be free on Amazon at the moment.

  5. Very intriguing - thanks for sharing Victim of a Delusional Mind!

    1. Thank Kate. My pleasure. Glad you liked the review.