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Book Review: Five Tuesdays In Winter by Lily King


Book Review Five Tuesdays In Winter by Lily King

My thoughts about Five Tuesdays In Winter by Lily King

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The book synopsis for Five Tuesdays In Winter by Lily King

Five Tuesdays In Winter by Lily King

By the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of Writers & Lovers, Lily King's first-ever collection of exceptional and innovative short stories

Told in the intimate voices of unique and endearing characters of all ages, these tales explore desire and heartache, loss and discovery, moments of jolting violence and the inexorable tug toward love at all costs. A bookseller's unspoken love for his employee rises to the surface, a neglected teenage boy finds much-needed nurturing from an unlikely pair of college students hired to house-sit, a girl's loss of innocence at the hands of her employer's son becomes a catalyst for strength and confidence, and a proud nonagenarian rages helplessly in his granddaughter's hospital room. Romantic, hopeful, brutally raw, and unsparingly honest, some even slipping into the surreal, these stories are, above all, about King's enduring subject of love.

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Book Review Five Tuesdays In Winter by Lily King

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  1. I have a love/hate attitude toward short stories but these sound quite satisfying. Lovely post!

  2. I've rediscovered my love of short stories by writing them and I've been on the look out for some anthologies to read! Thank you for this great review and I'll have to check it out! :)

  3. I'm with DJ. I have this love/hate with them too. I usually find most of the stories are fab but then there are a few thrown in which are not great and seem to ruin the whole thing for me. Lovely review.

  4. I like short stories here and there, but I feel like I haven't read many of them in awhile.
    I would have thought there would be five short stories in this one too! LOL
    Glad you liked it overall. I've never read anything by Lily King.


  5. This sounds phenomenally thought-provoking. All of those different characters coming together in one novel is sure to be emotional and probably even a bit challenging to read through at times. I'm glad you got a chance to read it!

  6. Its been awhile since I have read a short story.

  7. This book, from all the varying viewpoints, sounds really good.