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Book Reviewers: Book Bloggers Who Review Thrillers

Book Reviewers: Book Bloggers Who Review Thrillers

Book Reviewers

Book Bloggers Who Review Thrillers

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One of my favourite genres to read are thrillers. I love the whole crime, mystery genre in general but thrillers, in particular psychological thrillers, are my favourites.

I love the suspense. The trying to work out who did it. The edge of my seat, page turning, what's going to happen next feeling as I read them. I find the psychological aspects interesting and love the morally grey characters that so often feature in thrillers. Them being a mixture of good and bad just makes them more real to me. 

A well written thriller usually goes beyond the story and makes me think about the issues and topics it covers too. 

Just some of the great thrillers I've read (in no particular order):

The Killing Game by JS Carol - My Review - Amazon 

Poison Orchids by Sarah A. Denzil & Anni Taylor - My Review - Amazon 

The Perfect Wife by JP Delaney - My Review - Amazon 

The Art of Fear by Pamela Crane - My Review - Amazon 

PsychoAnalysis by VR Stone - My Review - Amazon 

Ransom Road by Anya Mora - My Review - Amazon 

Three Cold Hours by Jonette Blake - My Review - Amazon 

Killing Me Softly by Bianca Sloane - My Review - Amazon 

The Perfect Friend by Barbara Copperthwaite - My Review - Amazon 

Spectrum by Ethan Cross - My Review - Amazon 

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton - My Review - Amazon 

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But enough about me, Let's take a look at some of the other awesome book bloggers out there who promote the thriller genre and spread the love of reading.

Dan Brown quote about Thrillers

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Thriller Book Reviewers

The following book bloggers all review books in the thriller genre. Some do just thrillers, others review other genres too.

N.B. Make sure you check the submission guidelines on each site if you're an author looking for a book review. 

  1. @HayleyByTheBook from
  2. @bexbooks_stuff from
  3. @AmandaLlwyd from
  4. @_forbookssake from
  5. @storywhispers from
  6. @mrsreadalot2017 from
  7. @meotherwise from
  8. @OliviaTempleto6 from
  9. @lifebyBeckyx from
  10. @sarahsansom76 from
  11. @novelonmymind from
  12. @sgbChristine from
  13. @prttylttlewrtr from
  15. @jackiesreading from
  16. @melissajournal from
  17. @bale_claire from
  18. @Curlupwithbooks from
  19. @BookEscapesBlog from
  20. @thishannahreads from
  21. @lauraeeriordan from
  22. @GemmaRomanBooks from
  23. @Lucysbooks26 from
  24. @Puzzlepaws1 from
  25. @luggagescribble from
  26. @grabthisbook from
  27. @bookswithraven from
  28. @Coffeebookcake from
  29. @beccakateblogs from
  30. @MeredithRankin2 from

What are some of your favourite thriller books?  Do you know of a great book blogger who features thrillers on their blog? 

Book Reviewers Book Bloggers Who Review Thrillers

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  1. I just started reading this genre about a year ago and now I can't get enough of them

  2. I really love thrillers. So glad you and so ,any others do as well.

  3. Great round up posts that will be helpful for readers and authors!

  4. What a list! Honestly, I'm too chicken to read many thrillers. Romance and fairytale retellings are more my cup of tea :)

    -Megan @ Bookstacks & Golden Moms