Book Reviewers: Book Bloggers Who Review LGBTQ+ Books | Jo Linsdell

Book Reviewers: Book Bloggers Who Review LGBTQ+ Books


Book Reviewers: Book Bloggers Who Review LGBTQ+ Books

Book Reviewers

Book Bloggers Who Review LGBTQ+ Books

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I recently decided to do a new series of blog posts to feature book bloggers who review different genres. 

I get to support my fellow book bloggers, and hopefully make it easy for readers to find sites with reading suggestions in the genres they are interested in. 

It will also be useful for authors looking for book bloggers to review and/or feature their books on their blogs.

I kicked off the series at the end of May with KidLit Reviewers: Book Bloggers Who Review Children's Books.

As June is Pride Month it's the perfect time to highlight book bloggers who review LGBTQ+ books.

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Let's take a look at some of the awesome book bloggers out there who promote the LGBTQ+ genre and spread the love of reading.

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LGBTQ+ Book Reviewers

The following book bloggers all review books in the LGBTQ+ genre. 

N.B. Make sure you check the submission guidelines on each site if you're an author looking for a book review. 

What are some of your favourite LGBTQ+ Books?  Do you know of a great book blogger who features LGBTQ+ Books on their blog? 

Book Reviewers: Book Bloggers Who Review LGBTQ+ Books

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  1. Thank you for the list! I'm always looking for new bloggers to follow!

    1. My pleasure. Always happy to help people connect with other book bloggers.

  2. Fabulous list of bloggers. I missed your shout out as we review nearly all books including LGBTQ+ Books

    1. I think you do cover pretty much every genre on your blog. Thank you for letting everyone know you review LGBTQ+ books too.