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The Social Media Audit Challenge 2021: The July Challenges


The Social Media Audit Challenge 2021: The July Challenges (Twitter)

The Social Media Audit Challenge 2021

The July Challenges

Welcome back for another month of the Social Media Audit Challenge 2021! I hope you did well with the June challenges. Don't forget to add your progress report to the June link up. 

Over the course of this year I'll be posting monthly challenges to help us improve our social media presence and get better results. 

The Challenges

Over the course of the year we'll be working on different aspects of our social media. Each month will have a different focus and tasks to carry out. 

Jan- Analyse Influencers

Feb- The Clean Up

Mar- Consistency

Apr- Quality

May- Measure Results

Jun- Facebook

Jul- Twitter

Aug- LinkedIn

Sept- YouTube

Oct- Pinterest

Nov- Instagram

Dec- Results and Plans

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The July Challenges

During the second half of the year, and our challenge, we'll be concentrating on individual social media platforms each month so we can get more specific with each one.

Our focus for July is on Twitter.  

Check out my book How to be Twittertastic


Twitter is the social media site I use that gets the best results. It drives the most traffic to my blog and gets the most engagement out of all my social media sites. It is also the social media site where I'm most active. 

So what are the things we can do to help leverage our Twitter content?

Twitter-Blog Promotion

You can use your blog to better leverage your Twitter profile. There's a few things you can do:

1) Embed your Twitter profile on your blog. 

By adding your Twitter feed to your website you can amplify the reach of your Tweets. I personally have mine embedded on my media page. 

How to add your Twitter profile to your website:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the URL of your Twitter profile. 
  3. Customize the design. 
  4. Copy and paste the code into the HTML of your website wherever you would like the timeline to appear.

2) Include Tweets in your website’s content. 

Embedding tweets into your blog posts can be a great way to gain more Twitter followers.

What kind of tweets should you use?

That really depends on the blog post you're creating but here's a few ideas:

  1. Search for Tweets that mention you so that you can embed them as testimonials.
  2. Use polls you've done on Twitter to strengthen the information in your blog post. 
  3. Use highlights from Twitter chats to show the great info or advice that was shared (and if it's you're own chat, why people should consider joining in in the future).
  4. Tweets that inspired the blog post. Maybe you were tweeting with someone and the conversation got you thinking about a specific topic which you then decided to explore for the blog post. 

How to embed a Tweet on your website or blog: 

Many content management systems will make adding a Tweet as easy as pasting the Tweet URL into the editor. If you would like to customize the embed or get the embed code, try this: 

  1. On your chosen Tweet
  2. Click the ··· icon  
  3. Select Embed Tweet. Once you like the look of the embedded Tweet, copy the code provided by clicking the Copy Code button. Paste the code into your blog or website.

3) Add a “Follow” button to your website. 

Make it easy for your blog readers to join your Twitter audience by adding a follow button to your blog.

Task 1: Embed your Twitter profile on your blog

Task 2: Include Tweets in some of your blog posts 

Task 3: Make sure you have a Twitter follow button on your blog and social share button to make tweeting your blog post easy for your blog readers.

Engage with others on Twitter 

1) Twitter chats

A lot of people struggle with the idea of joining conversations and engaging with others on Twitter. Interacting with others is a huge part of social media though and so important if you want to grow your following and be part of the community.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be hard. There are easy ways you can join in without feeling out of place.

A Twitter chat is a public ‘chat’ that revolves (and evolves) around a single hashtag, usually created and announced in advance so that people are aware that it is occurring.

Twitter chats are an excellent way for you to discuss interests with others in your industry/with similar interests. These live chats usually take place weekly or monthly and are collected together by a hashtag. 

Usually the chat host tweets a series of questions at intervals and you respond with ‘A’ for answer then the number of the question. 

By using the hashtag you will be seen by others in the chat and for those reading it afterwards.

Task 4:  Join in a Twitter chat or create one of your own. 

Book, Blog, Bake has a List of Regularly Occurring Bookish Twitter Chats to get you started.

2) Lists and Topics

Twitter offers a really useful ‘list’ option. This makes it super easy to follow the topics and people you are most interested in. 

Go to Twitter and click the Lists section of the homepage. 

To create your own list just click the icon that looks like a list with a plus sign. You might want to create lists to sort content by topic e.g.

  • Authors you love
  • Book Bloggers
  • Booktubers

Subscribe to topics you're interested in and that way you can easily connect with people who are tweeting about the topics you want to follow. This can be a great way to become part of the community.

Task 5: Create or follow some lists to organise the content you want to follow.

The Monthly Link Up

In order to keep us all on track, and give us a way to see each others progress, I'll be hosting link ups every month where participants can share their links and discuss their progress. The link up June progress will be on 7th July.

You can also engage with others doing The Social Media Audit Challenge 2021 by using the hashtag #SMAudit2021 on your social media profiles and share the following graphic to promote your participation.

The Social Media Audit Challenge 2021 #SMAudit2021

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The Social Media Audit Challenge 2021 The July Challenges

How are you using your Twitter profile? Know of a good Twitter chat for Book Bloggers? What sorts of lists do you follow on Twitter?

Share your answer in the comments below.


  1. I need to interact more on twitter. This would be a good challenge to take part in.

    1. Yes, please do join in ☺️ Feel free to reach out to me over on Twitter @JoLinsdell and we can chat together on there too.

  2. Like you Twitter is my most successful social media site and the one I spent the most time and effort on. I interact far more on there these days than I used to. Thanks for your post.

    1. Twitter is definitely the social media site with the best ROI. It's easier to engage with others on there too.

  3. These are great ideas. Before Instagram or my blog, I had Twitter so I'll always feel something special towards it!

    1. I'm still trying to work out Instagram.
      Twitter is much lower maintenance than other social media sites. People seem more open to interacting on Twitter, and sharing each others content is easy too. Definitely my favourite social media network.

  4. This was an awesome read. I've been utilizing Twitter more in the past year but I'd love to learn how to make it an even more helpful platform for my blog! I can't wait to use some of your tips!

    1. That's great! Hit me up any time on there. I'm @JoLinsdell everywhere 😉

  5. Twitter is one of my favourite platforms to be on. I love Instagram but Twitter is just the best. There's a lot of drama but it also keeps you in the loop.

  6. Twitter is the social media I think I am best yet. This is very helpful!