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Book Review: Nine Lives by Terry Tyler


Book Review: Nine Lives by Terry Tyler

My thoughts about Nine Lives by Terry Tyler

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The book synopsis for Nine Lives by Terry Tyler

Winner of 'Best Short Story Collection' in the 2014 eFestival of Words, "Nine Lives" comprises nine short dramas in the vein of Terry Tyler’s well-loved novels, some funny, some sad, with her usual unpredictable twists. The first chapter of full-length novel and tale of sibling rivalry, WHAT IT TAKES, is to be found at the end.

The stories:

Angel - The perfect wife of the perfect husband is tempted by the fruit of another.
Shut Up And Dance - Paul says he will love Laura whatever size she is. But will he?
Mia - The threat of ‘the other woman’…
Kiss Your Past Goodbye - Zoe finds out what happened to her first love, who broke her heart.
We All Fall Down - Two old friends meet for a drink – just a swift one, of course!
Bright Light Fright - A tale of vengeance, a burglary, and a nasty shock.
Mama Kin - Emma and Melanie have very different approaches to childcare – oh dear!
Don’t Get Mad – Get Even - Kevin and Marcus have been best friends, yet rivals, since schooldays; who will come out on top?
Happy Birthday - A forty year old woman looks back over her life.

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Book Review Nine Lives by Terry Tyler

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this book! I'm not typically one for short stories, but I might have to check this out because some of them sound really interesting. Great review!

    1. I never used to be either. I've really gotten into short story collections this year though.

  2. I have a real hit and miss relationship with short story books, but I'm glad you enjoyed them all. Great review.

  3. Anthologies can be risky but this sounds like all the stories were a hit.