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Book Review: Sword of the Seven Sins by Emily Colin


Book Review Sword of Seven Sins by Emily Colin

My thoughts about Sword of Seven Sins by Emily Colin

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The book synopsis for Sword of the Seven Sins by Emily Colin

Sword of Seven Sins by Emily Colin

**Now a FINALIST for a Foreword INDIE Award**

From New York Times-bestselling author Emily Colin comes a story of one young woman’s battle for freedom in a future world where love is the ultimate sin.

Eva Marteinn never wanted to be a killer.

Raised in the Commonwealth, where citizens live and die by the code of the Seven Sins, Eva is sickened by the barbaric punishments the High Priests inflict. She sees the Bellators of Light, the Commonwealth’s executioners, as no more than conscienceless killers.

When she’s Chosen as the first female bellator—and can’t refuse, on threat of exile or disgrace—Eva is devastated. But she turns out to be inordinately gifted at the very role she abhors…no thanks to her mentor, Ari Westergaard, who alternates between ignoring her and challenging her to impossible tests.

Ari’s indifference conceals a dangerous secret: He’s loved Eva since they were children. When Eva falls for Ari too, she knows they should do anything to avoid each other. Love is forbidden. Lust is a death sentence. But as mentor and apprentice, they’re bound by the blood oath they swore the day of Eva’s Choosing.

Balanced on a razor’s edge of desire and betrayal, the two uncover a secret that could overturn the Commonwealth itself. Now Eva must make an impossible choice: Turn her back on Ari, and remain loyal to the only home she’s ever known—or risk everything on the slim hope of freedom, and stake her life on the boy she’s come to love.

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Discussing Sword of the Seven Sins by Emily Colin


Quotes from Sword of the Seven Sins by Emily Colin

We pledge our loyalty to the laws of the Commonwealth of Ashes, and to the Virtues which make it strong, one Sinless society under the eye of the Architect, united through piety, discipline, and truth.

We are not supposed to notice girls, not to think of them unless we must on Donation Day, when we make our contribution to ensure the Commonwealth’s survival. But I have always noticed her.

I look away, but that doesn’t help. On the bare white wall behind Mother Northrup, the shadows of the flames leap and dance. From inside them something stares at me—something with teeth—

“Tonight we see what you are made of, girl. Tonight, you walk with us.”

I never wanted this, but I’ll be damned if I’ll let them murder me. I will fight for my life. If I die trying, so be it.

I feel as if she sees right through me—all my thoughts and secret desires, the relentless ambition that drives me to train until my hands are callused and my muscles aching, the nights I’ve spent picturing her face and denying myself, again and again. Never mind what I’m thinking right now.

This is the Commonwealth’s justice: To take what sinners desire most and wield it as an instrument of torture. Such is the punishment of those who stray from the path of righteousness.

I don’t say a word, out of pure rebellion. That, and the more I aggravate him, the more distracted he’ll become. Distracted people make mistakes.

Ari tilts his head to one side, considering me. “It’d be worth it,” he says, so softly it’s hard to hear, “dying with you.”

He brushes my cheek with his fingertip, sending that now-familiar electricity searing through my veins. “Be brave,” he whispers. “Not for the sake of what’s between us. Not for me. But for yourself.”

“Citizen Marteinn is special. Unique. Even I don’t know everything she might be capable of.”

If I am to be a weapon, I’ll choose the hand that holds the blade.

We’ve been lucky so far, but unlike skill, luck cannot be trusted. Lady Luck is capricious; she gives as she wills, and takes away when the spirit pleases her.

Clearly they view us as the greatest of threats. It would be flattering if they didn’t want to kill us.

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Book Review Sword of Seven Sins by Emily Colin

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  1. Not my genre as I'm far too lazy for all the world building - but glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Good to hear you loved it. Not my kind of read unfortunately. Great review.

  3. Sword of Seven Sins sounds like a great fantasy.