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Book Review: The Weekend by Charlotte Wood


Book Review: The Weekend by Charlotte Wood

My thoughts about The Weekend by Charlotte Wood

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The book synopsis for The Weekend by Charlotte Wood

Book Review The Weekend by Charlotte Wood
Sylvie, Jude, Wendy and Adele have a lifelong friendship of the best kind: loving, practical, frank and steadfast. But when Sylvie dies, the ground shifts dangerously for the remaining three.

These women couldn't be more different: Jude, a once-famous restaurateur with a spotless life and a long-standing affair with a married man; Wendy, an acclaimed feminist intellectual; Adele, a former star of the stage, now practically homeless.

Struggling to recall exactly why they've remained close all these years, the grieving women gather for one last weekend at Sylvie's old beach house - not for a celebration of her life, but to clean the place out before it is sold.

But fraying tempers, an elderly dog, unwelcome guests and too much wine collide in a storm that brings long-buried hurts to the surface - a storm that will either remind them of the bond they share, or sweep away their friendship for good.

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Book Review The Weekend by Charlotte Wood

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  1. It was good that it surprised you and that you got into it eventually. Great review.

    1. Thanks. It made a nice change from my usual reads.

  2. Sounds like a good one. Surprises can be good.