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Book Review: XOXO by Deborah Bladon


Book Review XOXO by Deborah Bladon

My thoughts about XOXO by Deborah Bladon

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The book synopsis for XOXO by Deborah Bladon

XOXO by Deborah Bladon

This is how the worst Friday of my life started…

Subject: The Dick

Hey Sinclair,

Mr. Calvetti is as ornery as ever today.

He scolded me for taking a message from a woman who asked me to pass along this to him – “your lips are the purest form of pleasure this side of the Mississippi!”

She may not be a poet, but she is obviously head over heels for him, so I thought I’d play cupid and give him the message.

Dominick (The Dick) Calvetti told me once again to ignore all messages women leave for him.

He’s a cruel bastard with a gorgeous face and rock hard abs. I imagine he has those. He’s 6’3” and works out every morning. He has to be built under those suits, right? I know that the nickname I gave him is based on his attitude, but I sometimes wonder if it “fits” in other ways if you know what I mean. Even if it does, I still loathe him. He’s the worst boss on both sides of the Mississippi.

I attached a picture of the lingerie I bought for my date tonight. I snapped a selfie in the mirror this morning since you were still asleep.

Let me know what you think, roomie.

Arietta xoxo

P.S. Tomorrow we’re getting you a new phone. I miss texting. Emailing is for old people like The Dick.

Subject: Re: The Dick

Miss Voss,

Thank you for your email.

I hardly think 34 is considered old, and for the record, I’m 6’4”.

Details matter. Sending emails to the intended recipient matters more, especially when you include a sensitive image exposing so much of your body.

Also, cancel your date, as you will now be working late tonight.

And report to my office. Immediately.



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Discussing XOXO by Deborah Bladon

Quotes from XOXO by Deborah Bladon

“It’s chocolate, Arietta.” She takes a bite of the piece in her hand. “It’s good, but even bad sex is better than this.” I disagree. I’ve never had sex that has been as satisfying as this chocolate.

Her brows perk. “Playing hard to get is how I landed my husband.” I’m not playing. I may be hard to get, but that’s because I’m worth the wait.

Jesus, I feel like I’ve stumbled into a time machine and shot back to high school when my dick directed everything.

This woman is not Arietta, and if I can’t have her, I don’t want anyone else.

“That is special. First dates can lead to lifetimes together.”

I didn’t wear my pretty pink lace bra and panty set for Lowell yesterday. He won’t see it tonight. I have it on because I like knowing that under my clothing, hidden from everyone’s view, I’m wearing something that makes me feel beautiful in my own special way.

Arietta raises her hands in the air and uses sign language to communicate with my father: I got the postcard you sent, and you got a tan. How was the trip?

“You’re more beautiful and kind and everything than you realize. Dominick sees that. He came here dressed like a GQ model because he wants you. He took you to dinner because he’s falling for you. He told you to call him Dominick because he needs you, and he was alone when you emailed him last night because no one is you but you, Arietta.”

“No one can guarantee you another minute. Why waste even one when you can be with the woman you love?”

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Book Review XOXO by Deborah Bladon

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  1. I am loving the sound of this one. Thanx for sharing as I had not noticed it before.

    1. I needed an X for my A to Z Reading Challenge last year and found XOXO. I bought a copy from Amazon.

  2. What a great start to the story! Adding to TBR. Thanks for sharing Jo

  3. This sounds sooo good , I want this in my life. Great review

  4. Sounds certainly different. Glad you liked it and finished your alphabet challenge. Great review.

  5. sounds like such a fun fun read.. And will need to keep this in mind for alphabet challenges (though I might read it before I start a challenge!)