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January 2024 Book Blogger Round Up


January 2024 Book Blogger Round Up

Book Blogger Posts Round Up

A collection of blog posts by book bloggers

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Welcome to the first Book Bloggers Round Up of 2024!

I introduced this new feature here on the blog in May 2021 to showcase blog posts by other book bloggers and as it continues to be a popular series I've decided to continue again this year too. 

Each month I'll include a wide variety of content so there's something for everyone. You'll find book reviews, interviews, discussion pieces and more...

So if you're looking for new bookish content to read and/or want to discover some new book bloggers to follow, look no further!

Why I do this feature: 

Scanning through various social media feeds to find suitable content can take up valuable time and so I figured I'd make it easier and put together a collection here on the blog.

It's also a way for me to highlight some of the other great book bloggers out there and help promote books and reading at the same time. 

How it works:

Each month I do a post via my Twitter, where I offer the opportunity for book bloggers to submit posts published during that month for inclusion in this round up. I do this every month.

Want to be included in future round ups? Follow my Twitter profile and keep an eye out for the submission tweet.

January 2024 Book Blogger Round Up

@gail_h shared her favourite books of all time. Read the full post here.

@cjfriess  reviewed the children's book A Penguin Like Me by Marcus Pfister. "A Penguin Like Me is a fabulous picture book to use in the classroom to introduce the concept of diversity. It can stimulate discussions about how our differences can also be our strengths and that whatever our differences are we are all special." Read the full post here.

@nsfordwriter reviewed One by Eve Smith. "A gripping dystopian thriller which has everything you could want from the genre: plausible future, well-researched details, a brisk pace, snappy dialogue and an emotional pull." Read the full post here.

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@leftontheshelf1 joined the book tour for The Austrian Bride by Helen Parusel. "When I was offered a copy of The Austrian Wife on a blog tour I jumped at the opportunity to take part. I am so glad that I did as I enjoyed this book every bit as much as the previous one." Read the full post here.

@WordsofMystery shared 24 books she wants to read in 2024. Read the full post here.

@ReadingLadiesBC created a “Best Of” list featuring her best reads of the year from 2015-2023. Read the full post here.

@WorldsUnlikeOO shared her predictions for which new releases this year will make it onto her 2024 Best of Shelf list! Read the full post here.

@Jennifer_Jones0 shared her reading goals for 2024. Read the full post here.

@Mehsi_Hime did the New Year's Book Tag 2024. Read the full post here.

@Slowestuffblog reviewed the dark romance Butcher & Blackbird by Brynne Weaver. "The very very beginning almost had us stop the book right out of the gate because it is very disgusting. We don’t do great with body horror stuff. But if you push through that part, the story picks up. Just FYI because we almost stopped it right away." Read the full post here.

@_forbookssake shared about her 24 in 2024 reading challenge. Read the full post here.

@DanSamEnd joined the book tour for The Glass Woman by Alice McIlroy. "It’s propulsive, cleverly spun and the ominous atmosphere permeates the pages for a thrilling, unputdownable read." Read the full post here.

@CattiganMichael shared his most anticipated books of 2024. Read the full post here.

@WS_BOOKCLUB reviewed Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands by Heather Fawcett. "Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands is a charming book, the sort that leaves a smile on my face. I found myself rushing to pick the book up during every free moment. I can’t wait to see what happens next." Read the full post here. 

@Emzysbooks reviewed Twenty-Seven Minutes by Ashley Tate via her Instagram profile. "Another great thriller to add to the list! We follow quite a lot of characters in this book and there is also two different timelines involved so I thought it may have been a little busy but once I'd got familiar with the characters it was super easy to distinguish who was who." Read the full post here.

@mazsbookscape reviewed The Escape by Ruth Kelly as part of the book tour. "Creepy, and unnerving, this book has it all. And with the flashbacks, it makes it all the more difficult to put down!" Read the full post here.

@EastHullPete reviewed Catch as Catch Can By Malcolm Hollingdrake. "With any first novel in a series there is a balance between introducing a back story and keeping a flow of action and here I think the author has just about got it right." Read the full post here.

@portybelle reviewed The Island Cottage by Jane Lovering. "The Island Cottage is funny, has a gorgeous romance at its heart. and is just such enjoyable read." Read the full post here.

@clairsharpe reviewed Goodbye Birdie Greenwing by Ericka Waller. "My ideal book is one with fabulous characters and every character in this book is wonderful." Read the full post here.

What bookish blog posts did you enjoy reading in January? Have a favourite book you read in January that you want to share?

In case you missed it, don't forget to check out the December Round Up for even more great bookish posts by different book bloggers. 

January 2024 Book Blogger Round Up

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