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Book Review: The Christmas of 1943 by Alex Amit


Book Review The Christmas of 1943 by Alex Amit

My thoughts about The Christmas of 1943 by Alex Amit

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The book synopsis for The Christmas of 1943 by Alex Amit

The Christmas of 1943 by Alex Amit book cover
For months now, Monique has been the mistress of a German officer. For months now, Monique doesn’t know who she is anymore.

Monique is living under a false identity in German-occupied Paris. No one knows that she is Jewish.

Since last summer, Monique has been involved with a Nazi officer, and she knows that she will pay with her life if anyone discovers her secret, but she has no other choice.

In the days leading to Christmas, Monique and Herr Ernest, the German officer she lives with, are preparing for a German officers’ reception which they plan to attend. Monique ardently continues to hide her secret. Still, she can’t ignore the signs of her past, and as the evening of the reception progresses, Monique finds it increasingly difficult to keep her true identity a secret, fearing that some may suspect her of hiding something.

Monique must keep her secret, but can she continue to deny her identity and heritage?

With the backdrop of illuminated Christmas trees and Hanukkah candles, Alex Amit’s short story illuminates the simple and extraordinary acts of courage by a young woman, fighting for her life and identity during those dark and dreadful days, and continuing to believe that next year will bring with it winds of change and hope.

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4 stars

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Book Review The Christmas of 1943 by Alex Amit

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