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Book Review: Stuck with Santa by Audrey Carnes


Book Review Stuck with Santa by Audrey Carnes

My thoughts about Stuck with Santa by Audrey Carnes

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The book synopsis for Stuck with Santa by Audrey Carnes

Stuck with Santa by Audrey Carnes book cover
♥♥♥ Grumpy elf meets sunshine Santa in this small-town, second-chance, sweet rom com! ♥♥♥


Ho-ho-humbug! When Stephanie Sanders returns to her hometown of Apple Creek for the holidays, the last thing she wants to do is be roped into a Christmas festival. But the Christmas season means doing things for the ones we love, so off she goes to dress up as an elf in the name of Christmas spirit. Unbeknownst to Stephanie, her mom has a little Christmas surprise: playing Santa to Stephanie’s elf is none other than Thaddeus MacGuire the Third, her high school crush, who disappeared after a Christmas Eve kiss years ago.


Christmas really is the best season of the year…even in a Santa suit that’s giving him hives and surrounded by a bunch of snotgoblins who deserve lumps of coal in their stockings. But the real frosting on the Christmas cookie is when Thad finds himself locked in the church bell tower with none other than Stephanie Sanders, Santa’s Grumpiest Elf.

It’s going to take every last bit of Christmas magic to get these two to fall in love, but you’ll be laughing all the way!

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3 stars

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Book Review Stuck with Santa by Audrey Carnes

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