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Last year I set myself the Net Galley TBR Reading Challenge with the goal of getting my feedback ratio to 100% by reading and reviewing all the books on my to be read shelf.

That didn't happen.

I did clear a lot of books off my list but I also added quite a few too. 

I finished the year with a ration of 86% which isn't bad but I want to do better in 2024.

I currently have 19 books on my Net Galley TBR list. A few of these I requested as they were also a good fit for the Clock Reading Challenge. Others have been on my list for a while now. 

Books on my Net Galley TBR

Three Eight One by Aliya Whiteley

Three Eight One by Aliya Whiteley book cover

An astonishing literary crossover novel about the pressures of growing up and the nature of authorship.

In January 2314, Rowena Savalas – a curator of the vast archive of the twenty-first century’s primitive internet – stumbles upon a story posted in the summer of 2024. She’s quickly drawn into the mystery of the text: Is it autobiography, fantasy or fraud? What’s the significance of the recurring number 381?

In the story, the protagonist Fairly walks the Horned Road – a quest undertaken by youngsters in her village when they come of age. She is followed by the “breathing man,” a looming presence, dogging her heels every step of the way. Everything she was taught about her world is overturned.

Following Fairly’s quest, Rowena comes to question her own choices, and a predictable life of curation becomes one of exploration, adventure and love. As both women’s stories draw to a close, she realises it doesn’t matter whether the story is true or not: as with the quest itself, it’s the journey that matters.

War of the Wind by Victoria Williamson

War of the Wind by Victoria Williamson book cover

An award-winning climate fiction novel that explores unlikely friendships as a group of children with disabilities find themselves at the heart of an eco-mystery.

  • Winner of the Glasgow School Librarie Book Award in 2023
  • Nominated for the Yoto Carnegie Medal of 2024
  • Shortlisted for the Leeds Book Award in 2023
  • Shortlisted for the Falkirk RED Book Award in 2023
  • Longlisted for the Sussex Amazing Book Awards in 2023
  • A BookTrust Book of the Month
  • Financial Times Book of the Year

On a remote Scottish island, 14-year-old Max’s life is changed forever when he loses his hearing in a boating accident. Now, he has to navigate a new silent world alone—even his parents don’t understand that wearing a hearing aid doesn’t mean he can actually hear them, and he’s placed in a special educational needs class surrounded by kids he once picked on.

When people start acting strangely and Max’s hearing aid picks up odd sounds from a new wind farm off the coast, he suspects a sinister scientist is using wind turbines to experiment on the islanders. Could being different be an advantage? Max enlists the help of his classmates to shut down the government’s secret test before it spins out of control...

One of the Good Guys by Araminta Hall

One of the Good Guys by Araminta Hall book cover

Megan Abbott meets Alafair Burke by way of Jessica Knoll in Araminta Hall’s latest twisty psychological thriller about gender, power, and how both are captured in contemporary media.

Newly separated from his wife and desperate to escape the ghosts of his failed marriage, Cole leaves London for a fresh start in the countryside. He accepts a job as a wildlife ranger and settles into his cozy seaside cottage, relishing the respite from the noise, drama, and relentless careerism that curdled his relationship along with his mental health. Then he meets Leonora, the reclusive artist living next door, and is instantly charmed by her warm and gentle spirit.

But as the two forge a connection on the cliff’s edge they call home, two young women activists raising awareness about gendered violence disappear while passing through. Cole and Leonora find themselves in the middle of a police investigation and resulting media firestorm as the world learns of what happened, and as the tension escalates, they quickly realize that they don’t know each other that well after all.

A propulsive page-turner with razor-sharp sociopolitical insight, One of the Good Guys asks: if most men claim to be good, why are most women still afraid to walk home alone at night?

Twenty-Seven Minutes by Ashley Tate

Twenty-Seven Minutes by Ashley Tate

The question

For the last ten years, the small, claustrophobic town of West Wilmer has been struggling to understand one thing: Why did it take young Grant Dean twenty-seven minutes to call for help on the fateful night of the car accident that took the life of his beloved sister, Phoebe? If he'd called sooner, she might still be alive.
The secret
As the anniversary of Phoebe's death approaches, Grant is consumed by memories of that night on the bridge and everything he lost: his future, his reputation, his little sister. And the secret he's been keeping all these years is suffocating him. But he and Phoebe weren't the only ones in the car that night. Becca was there. She knows what happened—and she will do anything to help Grant keep his secret.
The truth
Everyone in West Wilmer remembers Phoebe, but only June remembers that another person was lost that night. Her brother Wyatt has been missing for ten years and now June is alone—no family, no friends. Until someone appears at her door. Someone who may know where Wyatt went all those years ago. Someone who knows what really happened on the bridge that night. Someone who is ready to tell the truth.
Taking place over three days and culminating in a shocking twist that will leave you breathless, Twenty-Seven Minutes is a gripping story about what happens when grief becomes unbearable, dark secrets are unearthed, and the horrifying truth is revealed.

Just One Night in Rome by Tiziana Olbrich
Just One Night in Rome by Tiziana Olbrich

They live on opposite ends of the globe: Is one unforgettable evening enough to forever intertwine the lives of two strangers?

When Josie books her trip to Italy, she has only one thing in mind: to escape from her ex and men in general. In Rome fate deals a curious hand as she finds herself sharing a hostel room with the globetrotter Leo. Beyond his outrageously good looks, the Chilean backpacker unsettles Josie with his persistent questions, causing her to rethink her life choices. Leo invites her on the adventure of her life: An adventurous night roaming the streets of Rome. Sparks fly intensely, however Leo lives on the other side of the world, and Josie doesn't know if she will ever see him again. Is one magical night enough to turn her whole world upside down?

Five Nights by Rachel Wolf

Five Nights by Rachel Wolf

A powerful family. A luxury cruise. A killer on board…

You’re invited to join the infamous Scarmado family on a five night voyage aboard their glamorous new ship.

It’s a chance to see your best friend, Belle, newly married to Mattia Scarmado.

You haven’t seen her in years.


On the first night, you’ll be wrapped up in the glamour of the ship.


On the second night, you’ll wonder who is sending you threatening notes.


 On the third night, someone will die.


On the fourth night, you’ll discover that someone knows the truth of what you did.


On the last night, you’ll be left for dead . . .

Will you make it back to shore alive?

Four Steps to the Perfect Revenge by Lilian Monroe

Four Steps to the Perfect Revenge by Lilian Monroe

From the mind that brought you Dirty Little Midlife Crisis comes a funny, fast-paced ride that starts with an impulsive revenge scheme but might just end up a love story.

Even after their breakup, Ellie Davis can’t seem to shake her ex-fiancé. First it was the cheating, then it was the rumors, and now she finds out Jason’s been trying to get his greedy hands on her parents’ property. Where does it end? With revenge, Ellie decides.

But she might just need a little help first.

Enter Fernley Island’s OddJobs app. When the local boat mechanic she hires sends his nephew instead, Ellie has to readjust her plans to account for Hugh Hartford, who’s handsome, brooding, and only in town for a few days. But he keeps showing up, so Ellie keeps hiring him. Little does she know Hugh has his own reasons for investigating Jason Brownlow…

As more evidence against Jason turns up, so does the heat between Ellie and Hugh. But if revenge is a dish best served cold, can their spark survive—or will the secrets between them burn it out?

The Mystery Writer by Sulari Gentill

The Mystery Writer by Sulari Gentill

There's nothing easier to dismiss than a conspiracy theory—until it turns out to be true

When Theodosia Benton abandons her career path as an attorney and shows up on her brother's doorstep with two suitcases and an unfinished novel, she expects to face a few challenges. Will her brother support her ambition or send her back to finish her degree? What will her parents say when they learn of her decision? Does she even have what it takes to be a successful writer?

What Theo never expects is to be drawn into a hidden literary world in which identity is something that can be lost and remade for the sake of an audience. When her mentor, a highly successful author, is brutally murdered, Theo wants the killer to be found and justice to be served. Then the police begin looking at her brother, Gus, as their prime suspect, and Theo does the unthinkable in order to protect him. But the writer has left a trail, a thread out of the labyrinth in the form of a story. Gus finds that thread and follows it, and in his attempt to save his sister he inadvertently threatens the foundations of the labyrinth itself. To protect the carefully constructed narrative, Theo Benton, and everyone looking for her, will have to die. 

USA Today bestselling author Sulari Gentill takes readers on a rollercoaster ride in The Mystery Writer, a literary thriller that turns the world of books and authors upside down and where a writer's voice is a thing to be controlled and weaponized, to the peril of everyone who loves a good story.

Ready, Set, Mars by Katie Jaffe and Jennifer Lawson

Ready, Set, Mars by Katie Jaffe and Jennifer Lawson

When space-loving siblings combine forces, their bedrooms and backyard become the launchpad to the adventure of their dreams.

Elementary schoolers Jet and Jordy live and breathe the world of space science, especially when it comes to understanding and constructing homemade working rovers and rockets. If there’s a challenge to be solved, this sister and brother figure it out, even if it means that Jet’s rover is destroyed by the rocket that Jordy accidentally sends crashing through her bedroom window! When they decide to combine their talents and work as a team, big things start to happen. Their contagious energy, boundless curiosity, and dedication to problem-solving (with some help from a math-minded snake, a nimble frog, and some bubble gum), lead the duo to a NASA contest with an out-of-this-world prize they could have never imagined. Parents, teachers, and young readers will delight in being along for the ride as Jet and Jordy discover the sky is definitely not the limit!

Giving Gal and the Christmas Cookie Extravaganza by Stephanie L. Jones

Giving Gal and the Christmas Cookie Extravaganza by Stephanie L. Jones

When Giving Gal hosts her annual Christmas Cookie Extravaganza, she is excited for her new friend, Tianna, to join in on the fun. Initially, the day doesn't go as planned. But Giving Gal persists in giving encouragement, showing kindness, and making sure her friend feels included.
This beautifully illustrated, heartfelt story reminds us of the power of our strengths and how, when we come together, magical moments happen.

Murder at the Seven Dials by Cara Devlin

Murder at the Seven Dials by Cara Devlin

A murdered opera singer. A duke drenched in her blood. For Bow Street Officer Hugh Marsden, the brutal killing is a straightforward case. Ever since his exile from polite society, the chance to arrest a high and mighty peer of the realm has never presented itself. Hugh won’t snub the opportunity now.

But Audrey Sinclair, the Duchess of Fournier, is certain her husband is wrongly accused, and she’s determined to prove it to the arrogant Bow Street officer, even if she must employ her most peculiar ability—or perhaps curse—to guide her investigation. After all, a duchess can do as she pleases.

Exasperated with the meddling duchess, Hugh is convinced she is protecting her own secrets, and the duke’s. But when Audrey’s discoveries persuade him to believe the true killer is still at large, he has no choice but to join her in the hunt—if only to keep her from becoming the next victim.

Murder at the Seven Dials is the first book in a new Regency-set mystery series. Perfect for fans of Anna Lee Huber’s Lady Darby series and Deanna Raybourn’s Veronica Speedwell books.

Lucifer's Game by Cristina Loggia

Lucifer's Game by Cristina Loggia

Rome, 1942.

Cordelia Olivieri is a young, determined hotel owner desperate to escape Mussolini’s racial persecution. But as Fascist leaders gather in Rome, Cordelia is suddenly surrounded by the world’s most ruthless and powerful commanders.

In an effort to keep her Jewish heritage a secret and secure safe passage out of Italy, Cordelia forms a dangerous alliance with the British army who want to push the Axis out of North Africa once and for all.

Going undercover, Cordelia begins obtaining and leaking military intelligence to a British agent, hoping the intel will secure her freedom. But the more Cordelia uncovers, the greater the risks – especially for one handsome German Afrika Korps officer.

How far must Cordelia go to protect her identity and secure passage out of Rome?

Spies, military secrets, and a personal crusade for freedom… don’t miss this utterly gripping World War II thriller.

The Thorn Necklace by Francesca Lia Block

The Thorn Necklace by Francesca Lia Block

For devotees of Bird by Bird and The Artist's Way, a memoir-driven guide to healing through the craft of writing

Francesca Lia Block is the bestselling author of more than twenty-five books, including the award-winning Weetzie Bat series. Her writing has been called "transcendent" by The New York Times, and her books have been included in "best of" lists compiled by Time magazine and NPR.

In this long-anticipated guide to the craft of writing, Block offers an intimate glimpse of an artist at work and a detailed guide to help readers channel their own experiences and creative energy. Sharing visceral insights and powerful exercises, she gently guides us down the write-to-heal path, revealing at each turn the intrinsic value of channeling our experiences onto the page.

Named for the painting by Frida Kahlo, who famously transformed her own personal suffering into art, The Thorn Necklace offers lessons on life, love, and the creative process.

The Fine Print of Self-Publishing by Mark Levine

The Fine Print of Self-Publishing by Mark Levine

Covering everything from how to determine printing costs and calculate royalties to the most up-to-date marketing strategies, The Fine Print of Self-Publishing has become the go-to book for authors considering self-publishing. Now in its sixth edition, The Fine Print delves into more topics than ever before, including a comparison of the quality of finished books produced by popular DIY service providers and newly expanded sections on printing and distribution options, ebook publishing, and online and traditional marketing ideas. And, like the previous editions, The Fine Print walks readers through the printing markups and royalty payouts of the top publishing service providers.

Whether you’re thinking about hiring a self-publishing company or handling the process on your own, The Fine Print of Self-Publishing will get you one step closer to achieving your publication goals.

Sweet Tea and Kisses: A Contemporary Romance Boxed Set by Melinda Curtis, Shanna Hatfield, Susan Hatler, Ciara Knight, Lucy McConnell, Jennifer Peel

(I couldn't find it on Amazon) - Goodreads - Net Galley

Sweet Tea and Kisses A Contemporary Romance Boxed Set

Discover the alluring world of the South with six sweet contemporary romance novellas from New York Times, USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors.

Chase fireflies that glitter on starry nights, listen to the call of the cicadas, and smell the luscious scent of magnolias as you experience the adventures of cowboys, brides, second chances, and unexpected romance all set in Atlanta. Don’t miss your chance to fall deeper in love as you explore the South through the eyes and hearts of these unforgettable characters.

A Kiss is Just a Kiss by Melinda Curtis, USA Today Bestselling Author. Kitty Summer has a wedding to stop. She’s sure the groom doesn’t love her sister, but how can she prove it? By testing his fidelity with one very public kiss, of course.

Taste of Tara by Shanna Hatfield, USA Today Bestselling Author. Falling in love never tasted so sweet… Pastry chef Tara Tarleton has one month to live out her dreams on a plantation in the South. Reality falls far short of her expectations until a chance encounter with a hunky horse wrangler changes her mind.

The Wedding Charm by Susan Hatler, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. In order to retrieve and deliver an antique charm before her best friend’s wedding, maid of honor Sarah Carlton must fake being in love with her childhood nemesis, best man Ben Atkins.

Sassy Bride by Ciara Knight, USA Today Bestselling Author. A Cinderella meets Rich Charming tale set in small town, Georgia, full of sass and sacrifice. Can a girl form the wrong side of town win over the ugly in-laws, or will she lose her happily ever after forever?

It Could Happen to Us by Lucy McConnell, Contemporary Romance Author. An irresistible contemporary romance about a not-so-humble cop who splits his raffle ticket with an unlucky waitress and the actor who falls in love with her.

Hit and Run Love by Jennifer Peel, Award Winning and Bestselling Author. What happens when a no-nonsense lawyer and her ex-boyfriend, a police officer, run into each other? Lots of sparks, literally and figuratively. Will this be another hit and run? Or, this time around, will Harrison be able to convince Kallie to give up her running shoes?

The Sweet Tea and Kisses Boxed Set by the Sweet Six authors will have you falling in love with the South with every turn of the page.

The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias

The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias

17th March 17 - Shortlisted for the Australian Shadow Award - Best Australian Horror Novel of 2016.

A nun commits suicide in front of thousands in Spain. In Australia, Siobhan Russo recognises that nun as her mother, Denise Russo, who disappeared six years ago.

In search of answers, Siobhan travels to the isolated convent where her mother once lived. Here she discovers Denise’s final confession, a book that details a heinous betrayal that left her crippled and mute, and Denise’s subsequent deal with the Devil to take revenge. In the desperate bargain Denise made with the Prince of Darkness, she wagered Siobhan’s soul.

As Siobhan discovers the fate of her soul, she learns that hidden within the pages of her mother’s confession is part of The Devil’s Prayer, an ancient text with the power to unleash apocalyptic horrors.

And now her mother’s enemies know Siobhan has it.

Can Siobhan escape an order of extremist monks determined to get the Prayer back? Can she save the world from its own destruction?

Write to Influence! by Carla D. Bass

Write to Influence! by Carla D. Bass

Powerful writing can change your life! It correlates directly to success, personal and professional. You may be the best candidate for a competitive opportunity—hands down—but if the competition is better at telling a story, you lose. Opportunity knocking? Choose this book when powerful writing is paramount to your goals. Attention employers! Have you read a paragraph in a report again and again … unable to understand it? Accurate, clear, and concise writing is the lifeblood for effective operations … in private business, corporations, NGOs, and government agencies. “Write to Influence!” is perfect for your employees! With this book you will: • Write to win—Make every word count and every second of the reader’s time play to your advantage • Write a resume that stands out … for the right reasons. • Compose performance reviews—clear, powerful, compelling—for military and civilian organizations • Persuade the reader—Identify and assemble those hard-hitting facts to make your case. • Refine your presentation skills—Learn to develop and give a spot-on briefing • Maximize your internet promotion—Leverage powerful words to do just that • Craft professional email—Polished, succinct, and effective communication • Improve business writing skills—Avoid the ten most common errors with this how-to guide “Write to Influence!” is light-hearted and conversational in tone, easy to read, and chock-full with practical advice. Bass’s unique insight into influential writing is based on her 30 year’s active duty in the Air Force, working with general officers, ambassadors, congressional delegations, and foreign dignitaries -- individuals for whom five minutes was significant. She wrote hundreds of personnel appraisals, award nominations, and other competitive packages; reports for executive-level signature; elevator speeches and executive memoranda much of which was sent to Congress.

The Lafayette Sword by Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne

The Lafayette Sword by Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne

Gold. Obsession. Secrets. Following the murder of a Freemason brother, Antoine Marcas uncovers unsettling truths about gold and its power to fascinate and corrupt. A priceless sword is stolen and deaths ensue setting the Freemason detective on a case of Masons turned bad. A clue points to mysteries and conspiracy about elusive pure gold, launching a frantic, deadly race between two symbolic places—the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. A captivating plot weaves alchemy and the Middle Ages into a modern-day thriller. Part of an international, best-selling series that has sold 2 million copies worldwide, with “vivid characters, an evocative international setting, and history darker than midnight.” For readers who love ancient myths, secret societies, chilling narrative and modern speed.

To the Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey

To the Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey

Set in the Alaskan landscape that she brought to stunningly vivid life in THE SNOW CHILD (a Sunday Times bestseller, Richard and Judy pick and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize), Eowyn Ivey's TO THE BRIGHT EDGE OF THE WORLD is a breathtaking story of discovery set at the end of the nineteenth century, sure to appeal to fans of A PLACE CALLED WINTER.

'Stunning and intriguing... the reader finishes it richer and wiser' Rosamund Lupton, author of Sister and The Quality of Silence

Lieutenant Colonel Allen Forrester receives the commission of a lifetime when he is charged to navigate Alaska's hitherto impassable Wolverine River, with only a small group of men. The Wolverine is the key to opening up Alaska and its rich natural resources to the outside world, but previous attempts have ended in tragedy.

Forrester leaves behind his young wife, Sophie, newly pregnant with the child he had never expected to have. Adventurous in spirit, Sophie does not relish the prospect of a year in a military barracks while her husband carves a path through the wilderness. What she does not anticipate is that their year apart will demand every ounce of courage and fortitude of her that it does of her husband.

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My Net Galley TBR Reading Challenge 2024

My Net Galley TBR Reading Challenge 2024

This is the graphic I'll be using to keep track of the books I read from my Net Galley TBR list this year. 

As I read them I'll be adding a tick over the book cover. The goal is to tick them all off the list meaning my feedback ratio will then be 100% and I'll have zero books to be read on my Net Galley list.

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Are any of these books on your TBR list for this year? Have you already read any of them? What book from your own TBR list are you most excited about reading in 2024?

My Net Galley TBR

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