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2022 Challenges: December Update


2022 Challenges: December Update

2022 Challenges: December Update

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During the month of December I decided to take part in the blogging challenge known as BlogMas. The goal was to post 31 posts in 31 days. 

I was doing really well with the challenge but the closer it got to Christmas the harder it became to publish my daily posts. I did schedule a few posts in advance which helped a lot but I ended up skipping a few days towards the end of the month. 

For future attempts at the BlogMas challenge I will definitely be scheduling all posts for Christmas week in advance. 

Did you do BlogMas this year? How did you do? 

As for my reading progress, I'm actually amazed at how much I managed to read in December. Turned out it was my most productive reading month of 2022, which is strange because usually I get very little time to read this time of year. 

Do you usually get more or less time to read during the holidays?

The Clock Reading Challenge

I created the Clock Reading Challenge as I thought it would be fun and not too difficult to complete. 

I'm happy to report that I read the last book (Eleven) and completed this years challenge! 

Join in with the Clock Reading Challenge 2023 and create your own clock for 2023. If you need some help finding books for the challenge check out Books with Numbers 1-12 in the Title: Clock Reading Challenge.

The Clock Reading Challenge December 2022

Books read this month:

11-  Eleven by Carolyn Arnold - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

The Net Galley TBR Reading Challenge

I did start reading Lucifer's Game by Cristina Loggia but was struggling to get into it so decided to let it sit for a while and do some festive reading instead. 

Books read this month:


Other books read:

Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman by Elizabeth Buchan - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

Slay Bells Ring by Karen MacInerney - My Review - AmazonGoodreads

Kiss Me Under the Christmas Lights by Cindy Ray Hale - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

Santa's Countdown to Christmas by Kim Thompson - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

Rebel Without a Claus by Celia Kinsey - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

Move the Fat by Vinh Nguyen - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

Holiday Hearts by Nora Everly - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

House Cleaning Secrets by Lisa Johnson - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

Better Watch out by Willow Rose - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

2022 Challenges December Update

2022 Challenges December Update

How did you do with your December Challenges? What challenges did you do this year? Have you read any of these books? Join the conversation in the comments section. 

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