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3 Things Author Spotlights

I recently started doing a new feature on my Jo Linsdell page on Facebook, where on Sundays, I do an author spotlight called #3Things. For this feature I host guests to share 3 things about themselves and their book. 

1) Why you wrote the book (in answer can include brief book blurb) 
2) A summary of your writing career so far 
3) Your hobbies outside of writing. 

The post will include a link to your website, blog or other url of your choice and a jpeg of cover art for the book you wish to promote. 

I'm flexible about the 3 things so if you'd prefer to share about another aspect/topic you are welcome to change the 3 points covered. So if you'd rather tell us about a book signing you have coming up or all the awards you've been winning instead of sharing your hobbies, feel free to modify the 3 things in your list.

This is an ongoing weekly feature, so if you want to be featured inbox me your stuff via the Facebook page to reserve your spot.

So why am I doing this feature?

There's actually a few reasons:

1) I think it's important to support other writers. As a writer I appreciate all those who offer exposure for authors and their books and so try to do my bit.

2) Whilst I would love for everyone to read my books I think spreading the word about books and encouraging reading in general is a good thing.

3) It's good karma. A lot of the people I host will step up when I need someone to host me.

4) It's good for page interaction. Guests share their posts, leave comments on the page and encourage their friends to drop by and leave comments on their posts. They therefore increase traffic to my page and help it show up better in search results and on newsfeeds.

5) It gives me easy, copy and paste content for my page that I can program in advance. Sundays tend to be family day in our house and so I often don't get near my computer. They are however one of the best days for traffic and shares. As Facebook offers the possibility to program posts it means I can still be active on my page even when I'm out having fun with my family and friends.