November Challenges Progress Report: Week 1 | Jo Linsdell

November Challenges Progress Report: Week 1

WOW what a week! Novembers challenges have been keeping me busy but I'm off to a great start. 

Progress report week 1

NaNoWriMo: Bang on target at 14,114 (I'm aiming at reaching over 15K by the end of today). My characters took over in places and so I need to edit my outline a bit now but love how the story is coming along. It's fun writing something so different from what I usually do.

PiBoIdMo: Nicely ahead of myself with a total of 16 ideas on my list so far. Although some of them probably won't ever turn into books I know at least a couple will. There's a few good ones I can't wait to develop.

NonFiWriMo: This is the one I'm behind on. Twitter announcing that they're going public has put a new twist on things and so I'm having to regroup on my idea a little bit. Bad timing Twitter, bad timing! All is not lost though. In fact it could work in my favour. It would have been worse to finish the book, publish it, and then have it become old news as they introduce changes. At least this way I can be one of the first to publish a book on the new Twitter ;)

What's working for me:

I've found that if I do an hour session in the morning as soon as I get back home from the school run and then do another session of an hour to an hour and half in the evening once the kids are in bed, I can hit my daily goals for NaNoWriMo. Sometimes I do quick 10 minute word sprints to boost it up a bit too.

I get most of my PiBoIdMo ideas in the afternoon whilst playing with the kids. They're a great source of inspiration.

Are you taking part in any of these writing challenges this month? How was week 1 for you?