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Easy Ways to Help an Author

Easy Ways to Help an Author

Easy Ways to Help an Author

Want to help out your author buddies but not sure how? Good news! There are several simple ways you can help out.

How to support Authors

1) Buy their books

2) Post a review of their book on Amazon

3) Post a review of their book on Goodreads (and any other community site where book reviews are shared)

4) Post a review of their book on your blog

5) Tweet about their book (many authors provide click to tweets for easy sharing. If not a simple "This is a great book" with the buy link works well).

6) Share about the book on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc... (with these sites you get a bit more space and so can include the book description, post the cover art of the book as a photo, post your review, etc... directly into your status update).

7) Add the book to your to-read and reading lists on Goodreads

8) Vote for the book in the Goodreads lists in categories that fit the book (If you visit the books page on Goodreads you'll see all the lists it's already on just below the review section. Vote for it on these and/or add your own lists).

9) Add it to your wish list on Amazon.

10) Recommend it to your friends on Goodreads (there's a button to do this on the books page).

11) Click the LIKE button on their Facebook author page.

12) Follow the author on Twitter and other social media sites.

13) Create pins for their book on Pinterest

14) Embed their video's from YouTube on your blog or share them via your social media profiles.

15) Sign up to host them when they're doing a virtual book tour.

16) Hear about an opportunity that would be perfect for them? Let them know and send them the details or if it's someone you know, tell them about the author and encourage them to get in touch.

17) Own a bookstore, coffee shop, or any other venue where customers might be interested in books? Invite the author to do a book signing or reading.

Can you think of other ways you can help an author?